Was Today a “Yes” or a “No?” (2023 Experiment)

The big domino is that one thing you can push over to knock over the rest of them. It takes care of the macro.

Sleep, for example, is often the big domino for health. If you can get great sleep every night, things will fall into place.

I love trying to find my big domino because life is overwhelming as sh*t!

There are so many ways to do it, which typically leads to us not doing it at all.

Instead of tracking a bunch of different metrics this year (workouts, nutrition, calories, client work, goals etc) I’m just going to keep it super simple and focus on the big domino metric.

A daily yes or no.

In 2023 I’ll be doing an experiment.

I’ll be asking myself at the end of every single day (even weekends) is today a yes or a no.

Did I show up today or not.

Did I do what I said I’d do?

If not, is there a good reason?

I’ll still have goals, but I will take each day and each moment at a time (to the best of my ability).

At the end of the year I will tally up the answers.

This will tell me if I grew, stayed the same, or went backwards.

If you want to try this with me, just make sure you write out exactly what a yes feels like vs. a no.

You know when you have those days where you wake up, meditate, drink some water, get some work done, hit the gym, eat healthy and go to bed early?

It feels great right?!

You also have those days where things just unravel. You go down rabbit holes, you get distracted, you skip the gym, you check email and social media 100 times, you eat too much and go to bed late.

Familiarize yourself with that feeling too.

Now, here’s the important part. Those 2 feeling are easy to recognize, but what about the days that fall somewhere in the middle?

You woke up early, meditated, drank some water, got some work done, then drank a few beers with some friends and skipped your workout.

Is this a yes or a no.

It’s a yes if you had intention.

If you gave yourself space to skip the workout so you can socialize and spend some quality time with friends because you’ve had 10 yes days in a row, then it’s a yes.

On the other hand, if you made an agreement with yourself that going to the gym is more important, but you skipped it anyway, this is probably a no.

Look back at each day to see how many yes moments you had vs. no moments. If you had more No moments, give yourself a no for the day.

And that’s okay. You’re going to have some No days throughout the year. Be honest with yourself.

But come December 2023, you’ll be able to look back and see who won, the year, or you.

Good luck!

P.S. I’m always going back and forth between masculine structured discipline and feminine flow. Both are extremely powerful. I think the goal is to find a position that works for you. Have discipline that makes room for flow. Create structure around the flow (a box). You’ll only know if it’s working if you’re getting results. I’m hoping that this is an easy way to track things without getting too heady. Let me know how it goes.