Writers’ Block? No Such Thing…

Unfortunately, one can never overcome writers’ block. You’re forever blocked!

Just kidding…kinda.

The only way to “overcome” writers block is to write.

Just start writing whatever you want until things start to flow.

Think of your writing as an old truck in the cold mountains.

The less you drive it, the harder it is to start.


  1. Start by simply walking out to the truck and getting in the drivers seat (workspace/desk)
  2. Then turn on the truck (start writing anything, journal, bullets, nonsense)
  3. Wait a bit while the truck warms up (keep writing without thinking too much)
  4. Give it a little gas (start to hone your focus more onto one idea/topic/angle)
  5. Drive away (write away).

This is an oversimplification, but this is how the universe works.

“There is no such thing as a bad writer and a bad salesperson. There are simply people who practice, and people who don’t.” – @margoaaron

This amazing quote could be reworded to:

There is no such thing as writers’ block. There are simply people who write and people who don’t write.

If it was easy, everyone would be a great writer and no one would be a great writer.

Every time you have writers’ block, think of the truck 🙂

A few other things to think about…

  • Keep note of things you see and experience throughout the week. This can give you a great place to start.
  • Talk to people. Friends, family, clients, audience. This will give you so many ideas.
  • Put any and all distractions away. You must fight for your focus. Most people don’t have true focus anymore – join theboxcommunity.com
  • Movement solves everything. Go move your body. Go workout. Go for a run. Go hike. Do some yoga. Anything to get the juices flowin.