Which Way Now Podcast: Become An Explorer Instead Of An Expert + How To Actually Win In Marketing + Managing Your Energy w. Miles Hanson

Bro marketer turned ethical, Miles learned all the “tactics” then quit marketing altogether because it felt cringy and forced. When he came back, he decided to do it differently. By leading with heart and focusing on relationships instead of numbers.

He’s a cohost of ‘The Subtle Art of Not yelling’ podcast, a marketing coach, and a markitect (marketing architect). He helps introverts build and brand sustainable marketing ecosystems.

He loves exploring the creative process, energy management, minimalist marketing, communication, and powerful branding. He loves playing the guitar, climbing, frozen mangos, coffee, and a nice cold west coast IPA.

Miles is from Austin, TX, lived in Denver for 4 years, and is currently seeing if he’s a “beach guy” in LA. 🙂