What the Fu*k is a Funnel?

Yup. I get it.

There is WAY too much info out there.

It’s confusing.

I’m going to keep it shockingly simple for you (and me).

Let me clear this up for you just like I cleared it up for myself years ago.

There are different types of funnels and many different words.

Some of the most common are:

  • Sales funnel
  • Marketing funnel
  • Relationship funnel
  • Purchase funnel

But essentially, its a client focused marketing model that illustrates the theoretical client journey towards becoming a customer or client.

A funnel doesn’t have to mean..

  • Landing pages
  • Sales letters
  • Copywriting
  • Paid advertising
  • Forms
  • Email marketing
  • Etc…

It can literally just be this..

Often times, when starting out, this is all you need for your first few clients.

You can go connect with people (in the right way) on Facebook (for example).

They will go to your profile to see what you’re all about.

This is your first impression and it’s really important.

For many coaches, this is their first mistake.

Their profile isn’t optimized to start the relationship off right.

It doesn’t invite them to book a call with you, download a lead magnet, or join your facebook group.


It’s a boring painting of you that’s not worth looking at for more than 2 seconds.

Here’s one layer added to the above funnel.

See how simple it is?

Now of course, this is a more manual and time-consuming strategy.

But it allows you to be intimate with the process.

It allows you to listen to, tweak, and validate something real.

Once you’ve got the most important ingredients…

  • You know who your people are
  • You know where they hang out
  • You understand them on a deep level
  • You have a powerful high-ticket offering that your people actually want
  • You’ve got confidence and certainty
  • You’re dethatched from the outcome
  • Your clear on your vision

Then, you can start to build automation into your coaching business

That’s when you scale and build a sustainable business.

Without a funnel, you’ll be pissing in the wind and praying for clients.

Think about a romantic relationship

You walk into a coffee shop and see someone super attractive across the room. You walk up to them, get down on one knee, and ask them to marry you.

You’ll be met with a confused “no?”

This isn’t how humans work, but that’s often how people treat their audience.

Or, it’s the other way around.

You hide away in your home and avoid dating because you’re terrified of rejection.

Both result in a lack of true love.

How humans actually work…​

Treating your audience should resemble a romantic relationship.

Instead, you would summon the courage to strike up a casual conversation.

Maybe you would give them a compliment.

Hopefully the conversation goes well and you would connect somehow (phone number, social media etc).

You’re into them, but you’re NOT attached.

You would chat back and forth for a while (days or weeks) before asking the big question….

“want to go on a date?”

They say yes, you go on the date, and get to know each other.

You can usually tell within the first 30 minutes if there will be a second date.

Fast forward a few weeks and you’re officially dating.

If the next couple of months or years go well, you would be happily married.


That’s how we treat your audience.

If there’s a connection, we focus on getting them to the next logical step without moving too fast (or too slow).

The Funnel

The relationship funnel mimics this process because that’s how humans work!

This ain’t B2B or B2C, it’s H2H.

Human to human.

We need to understandlike, and trust you before we invest our time or money in you.

This method is called a funnel because you will lose some people along the way.

Not everyone who enters your funnel will become a client.

We only want people that are compatible, so it’s good to lose some subscribers throughout the process.

Don’t take it personally.

Here is the Client Journey inside a HeartFunnel

I could keep talking about funnels, but I think you get it know, right?

I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t invite you into the next step.

So, I’d be honored and excited if you would do one of the following that most speaks to you.

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