What can you remove?

Imagine if your life was a video game.

It has easier levels at the beginning, then it gets more challenging, then you hit some checkpoints and get some rewards until you finally get to the end.

Imagine there are 3 levels of difficulty to choose from, easy, medium, hard.

Playing on hard mode is a choice.

You’re choosing to play the same game, but with more time, stress, and frustration involved. 

Why? For ego? For bragging rights?

But what if you put all that aside and just played life on easy mode?

You still come up against challenges. You still have frustration and sticking points, but it’s far easier and takes less time.

You could fly through levels with ease. 

I’ve been fascinated by this idea of playing life on easy mode.

It’s almost like once you realize how complex and challenging life can be, you can then choose to just play on easy mode.

This morning, I woke up at 5am and slowly made my way to a hot yoga class. Afterwards, I walked outside to find my car had been towed. I had to pay $450 to get it back.

When she told me it was that much, I clearly saw 2 futures, one where this ruins my entire day, and one where I just do it and laugh at how ridiculous this all is.

I let some anger come out just briefly before choosing the easy path and here I am having a great fu*king day.

We’re kind of taught that life is hard.

“Back to the grind.”

“It’s a dog-eat-dog world.”

“When it rains, it pours.”

“You can’t have your cake and eat it too.”

“It’s always something.”

“It requires blood, sweat, and tears.”

“I’m gonna have to work my ass off, but it will be worth it.”

These aren’t true until you make them true.

You have a choice, but maybe you don’t have proof yet.

Our podcast guest that we talked to today (coming out in a few weeks) mentioned a story told by an Entrepreneur (Alex Hormozi) about how his friend owned 30 businesses that made about 40 mil a year. Pretty cool…

Alex asked his friend which was easier – making $40 million with one business or making $40 million with 30 businesses?

His friend responded that it was actually easier making $40 million with one business, so he sold off 29 of them and kept the one that made him the $40 million.

I think this is the most powerful thing you and I can do, remove.

Eliminate, clear, trash, say no, sell, focus, delete, commit, cancel, simplify and minimize.

So my question for you this week is:

What can you remove?

  • From your branding
  • From your offering
  • From your copy
  • From your website
  • From your content plan
  • From your expectations
  • From your language
  • From your routine
  • From your mind
  • From your calendar
  • From your diet
  • From your social circle
  • From your expenses
  • From your home / closet
  • From your heart

Removing = space = freedom

Watch how much better you feel afterwards.​​

Happy removing.

– Miles

Updates and stuff

(Pod) New ep: Knock My Socks Off…Please (How can we build trust, show we care, and grow our brand by delivering a “knock your socks off experience?”)

(Book) I’m absolutely loving – Effortless by Greg Mckown (Author of Essentialism, which is also great). Fitting for today’s topic.

(AI) Check out how ChatGPT searched the web for a nuanced story inside of a podcast episode and helped me write this issue. – This is so cool and useful!

P.P.S. I wrote today’s issue in under 24 minutes.