Top 100 Websites – Design, copywriting, UX (from the past 5 years)

This article provides a list of 100 incredibly designed websites in 10 different categories for inspiration.

While exploring, remember that not all “Agency” websites have to look like other agency websites. “Coaching / personal branding” websites, don’t need to to emulate the rest.

In fact, I’d challenge you to see what ideas you can pull in from other industries, that’s one strategy for building a unique brand.

A couple important notes before you dive in.

These are websites that I found “in the wild” while going about my business over the past few years that stopped me in my tracks. Whether it was the copy, the design, or both, these websites reached out of the screen and grabbed me by the face.

Use them for inspiration, or just geek out over them like me.

These are live links, so some sites may not be live anymore. In fact, a lot of my favorite websites from years ago are no longer active. This tells me that they didn’t survive. A reminder that business is challenging. Give yourself a chance by doing the brand work upfront.

If you’re anything like me, you’re going to want to buckle in. These are some seriously cool, sexy, brilliant websites that may overwhelm you with their coolness.

So remember to breathe and don’t get attached. A handful of these websites were likely built for “free” and some were upwards of $100,000, enjoy the beautiful gamut.


  • Minimal
  • Personal Brands / Digital Products
  • Portfolios
  • Agency / Studio
  • Service-Based Business
  • SAAS (Software as a service)
  • Ecommerce / products
  • Great copywriting / sales pages
  • Unique / memorable
  • Other


Every’s website

Personal Brands / Digital Products

Kelly Diels’ website


Hank White Design’s website

Agency / Studio

Made by Statement’s website

Service-Based Business

Secret Stache’s website

SAAS (Software as a service)

Drip’s website

Ecommerce / products

Winc’s website

Great copywriting / sales pages

Veed’s hiring page

Unique / memorable

Lemon’s website


Workweek’s website

Thanks for reading.

Here are a few of my websites.

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