Thood for Fought

Someone recently told me they love seeing my emails in their inbox because it keeps me top of mind, even if they don’t read it.

This felt nice (although I hope they read some of these).

But I’ve missed 3 weeks in a row.

No letters written, no letters sent.

Why? Well, I’ve been tremendously busy.

You too?

So many people say the B-word when asked, “how are you?”

I don’t think that’s a good answer.

If you are busy, and you don’t like how it feels, it’s 100% your fault.

If you’re “too busy” and feel overwhelmed, behind, and out of momentum…that’s all on you my friend.

It sucks because we’d like to blame external factors, but I don’t care how creative you get, you can’t.

Thankfully, this is reality.

Otherwise, you’d have no control over you situation.

So….if you’re busy, here is a framework you can use to get unbusy that has worked for me:

  1. Open up a doc or journal and type out a list of things you need to do (projects, tasks, client work, offers, taxes, content etc).
  2. Then write out how this all makes you feel and what you will feel like if you finish everything on that list
  3. Then cross out everything but 3 things (highest priority) — These are what you should focus on first, budget time in the calendar (put everything else out of mind).
  4. How many things that you crossed out could you remove entirely from your life if it came down to it?
  5. What do you want your future list to look like?
  6. What skills or projects would you need to focus on improving to make that list a reality?
  7. How much time a week could you dedicate to that?
  8. Now make room on your calendar for it (and put it in the calendar)
  9. Now, for the next month, slowly work towards your dream list by finishing essential tasks, removing all unnecessary items and distractions, saying no to everything else, and sticking to your new calendar.

If you do this (like really really do this), not only will you wake up in 30 days feeling unbusy, but your dream day could be within your grasp.

You’ll feel lighter, more energized, excited and in momentum.

Doesn’t mean there won’t still be plenty of work to do, but you’ll enjoy doing it.

It won’t be easy, but it’s worth it.

If you need an extra accountability push, join the Box.

Good luck!