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Yep. I said it.

I feel like some people just throw that out there with no real data to back it up.

I definitely don’t have data, but if I believe it’s the best, then maybe eventually you will too 🙂

Today’s topic – The inner game.

– Hypothetical scenario –

Let’s take two identical creators.

Each with the same skills, ideas, and motivation.

They both start with the same plan to build their brand.

After 90 days, one has completely stopped and the other has doubled their audience, landed 2 new clients, and has tons of momentum.

The difference?

One mastered the inner game, and one did not.

It’s not so much about the plan, strategy, and skills, that’s the easy part.

It’s really about you, your belief, and what you pay attention to.

Do you believe in yourself and what you have to share?

Or are you too susceptible to the inevitable waves?

You’re the problem and the solution – so it’s time to get out of your own way!

Do you ever compare yourself to others?

Your personality, energy, money, business, skillset, humor, social abilities, friend group, followers, views etc.

Me too.

It’s the killer of creativity, authenticity, and momentum.

We either think:

  1. I need to do it just like them (forcing it), or
  2. I can’t do it like them (giving up)

But it happens ever so gently.

It’s sometimes so subtle you don’t even know it’s happening, then next thing you know, you haven’t written or posted in weeks.

Boom! Momentum gone.

If you believed in yourself and had a simple plan, you’d still be doing it regardless of the outcomes, right?

So how do we avoid this?

Sure, have a simple plan, show up, stay consistent, experiment, have a routine, make time….etc.

But what if instead of focusing on all that, you focused on ONE thing and the rest took care of itself?

I believe the big domino is belief.

Belief is that tiny little orange orb inside of you that grows exponentially when you take action and stay focused.

Belief is free, but you get what you pay for.

You can decide today that you’re awesome.

You can believe it down to your core for absolutely no cost at all.

But in 2 weeks, if you’ve done nothing to prove it to yourself, the orb will dissolve.

You’ll wish you paid more (time, energy, consistency, focus).

If you decide to be the best, your instructions will surface to the top.

So why not tell yourself you’re the best in the world, then just let reality catch up?

One of my favorite creators wrote something that I look at every day (with my own spin on it):

Blend the future and the present into one so you can move through life with complete bliss and gratitude for your current day experience while simultaneously pursuing grandiose dreams that scare the living crap out of you.

Imagine if your _____ was the #1 _____ in the world.

Insert podcast, newsletter, offering, youtube channel, song, community, book, blog etc.

How would that feel?

Now, does that reality scare you?

If so, good. It’s already real.

Now it’s only a matter of time.