What Clients Are Saying

Miles was a DELIGHT from start to finish, plus he’s a genius at his craft so I 100% would recommend him to a friend or hire him again to do my branding.

I feel so much more confident and legit in my business because I have branding that reflects my vision. As a spiritual guide & business mentor I needed a vibe for my brand that showcased the complexities of my offerings, but in a simple way.

It’s so easy for me to go in and create something beautiful and aligned for my new offers and I’ve already gotten more traction and engagement in my business since using the designs Miles created for me. 10/10, highly recommend. Thank you Miles!!!! – Dana Hayes, Spiritual guide & business mentor

It was a pleasure working with Miles to update my website. He did an excellent job working with me to determine my needs. Our conversations were efficient and productive. He developed the website and got us online on time and on budget. He wasn’t afraid to gently steer me on an appropriate course when there was a better direction. Our updated site looks very professional and I highly recommend Miles for your website design. – Scott George (Owner of Austin Beautiful Trees)

Another Brand Saved. 🙌 The care and consideration taken by BrandThrive made this such an enjoyable process. Turning a feeling into an actual visual representation that portrays a brand in its best light is tough stuff. Miles nailed it. The process can be long and overwhelming, but I felt confident and secure the whole time. If you need someone to deeply study your current efforts while setting your brand up for its best future, BrandThrive does precisely that. I’m forever grateful to Miles for his expertise, empathy, and excellence in all things branding. – Evan Shank

Miles and I have known each other for years. I’ve followed him on IG and have listened to his podcast. He’s so passionate about marketing that he was the first person I thought of when considering creating a brand kit for my own personal neuroscience brand.

Miles does a great job at practicing what he preaches, and leading you through exercises that help capture the essence of what you or your company are about so it feels authentic to you. Through the process, he is constantly reassessing and incorporating your feedback to build something that feels aligned and meets the brand’s core needs. The end result was an awesome brand kit that will supercharge my online social media brand. I can’t wait to start using the templates, graphics, and strategies given to me by Miles. I know they will make a difference. Anyone that is thinking about upgrading your marketing or brand game online, I recommend Miles with no hesitation. – Jorge Quintero

This brand kit has given me structure, consistency & has brought my brand to life.

As a previous employee for two very large production companies, I can say that Miles’ work flow is incomparable to that of agencies. He’s an incredible listener, authentic, communicative & creative.

Once your templates are created based on your niche, they’re easy to implement across all of your platforms. Choosing Miles was a no brainer when it comes to branding & marketing. – Natasha Bailleres, @webreathe

In one session together I was able to unpack some of my own resistances surrounding my business and ecosystem. I felt empowered with where my focus is going with my business come 2021 and I can’t thank Miles enough for giving me the compassionate push that I needed to give myself permission to run my business in a way that feels authentic to me. If you are considering working with Miles, do it! You won’t regret it. – Jess Palmer

He cuts the fat and gets to the point, without any bro marketing vibes. I can tell he’s done countless hours of research to now be this authority that I trust when it comes to all things systems, marketing, and branding. I sometimes even print the emails out so I can read them, again and again, to remind myself of what’s most important, before I get lost in the abyss that is online entrepreneurial advice. And the videos he shares are also easy to follow and bookmark. Last but not least, I love that he preps his audience to expect value packed messages from him on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so I have something to look forward to. I’m so glad to be connected to an intuitive, heart-led leader like Miles who holds a strong masculine container with a deep acceptance and understanding of the feminine. – Liz Lalor

I had a logo that I would slap up on a webpage. Now I have an actual brand kit. No more endless searching for the right hex color to match my logo!

Miles created design elements that match my style, and make me look much cooler than I actually am. – Bill Small, @artistmind

Miles is an amazing person to collaborate with to enhance your brand’s message. The exchange in cost for this brand kit was the best marketing dollars we’ve ever spent. Whilst working with Miles we @TeamSatoCO were able to join together to uncover our company’s look and feel through his wide knowledge of branding. In addition, we integrated thoughtful iconography and give our company a refreshed foundation to build from. I would highly recommend Miles’s heart-centered approach to business and innovative approach to marketing. – Steve Sato (Brandkit)
“I booked a call with Miles because I was looking for support with my marketing approach and feeling a bit lost with how to have an effective funnel. I left the call with a greater sense of clarity and confidence around my approach. Miles went above and beyond to make sure I got all of my questions answered, without rushing the process. I appreciated his unique lens on how to make the marketing funnel an easeful process that feels authentically aligned. I’m also very grateful for his heart-centered approach, which is hard to find in this industry!” – Ariel Naftali
“Before my session with Miles, I was floundering. I felt so all over the place and unstructured. During our session, we honed in on what I was actually excited about but had been neglecting and building a roadmap for me to thrive in my business. The layout and the vision he brought to my business has been eye-opening. I now give my energy and time to what excites me, because of the heart funnel blueprint I have seen more ease in my day, more joy in creating and I’m finally supporting my ideal clients.” – Kelsi Ludvigsen
“The call with Miles was great! I walked away with some tangible actions to implement right away in my marketing process that will help take it to the next level. Our conversation helped me realize that the foundations I have laid over the last 2 years are working well, and Miles helped me double down and continue to improve the things that are already working by suggesting strategies I’d never thought of. What was truly unique is that the call didn’t feel like a cookie cutter agenda at all. Miles truly listened to where I was at in my business, what I wanted to achieve, and from there, directed the conversation to help me get what I needed out of the call. I was thrilled with the experience and am looking forward to seeing the results come in.” – Ana McRae
Working with Miles has been such a great asset to my growing business. Miles really held my vision and made it a reality. He is patient, supportive and encouraging. I hired Miles to create a landing page for my upcoming program RISE, he really took my vision and brought it to life. He helps you understand the value of creating an avenue for your business to grow. I would highly suggest his work! – Nicole Morse
Miles and I worked together briefly when I was first launching my online business and it was exactly what I needed to get my ball rolling. His attentive, authentic and curious way of communicating quickly allowed me to identify my needs, bringing them to the surface so that we could quickly and efficiently address them through his expertise. One thing in particular that I notice, appreciate and respect about Miles is that he really cares about the success of his people, while at the same time holding true to how he is able to help. This makes him a very effective coach and leader in the areas of digital marketing, creating effective online platforms to generate revenue, and other media marketing services. – Grant Ifflander
Miles is incredible! He’s super supportive and seriously knows business. I was at a point when I felt really down about where my business was at since I’ve had it for a few months. I needed to sign clients but didn’t know how and the business systems were really confusing. Miles knew exactly how to help me and now clients are coming TO ME. I’m so happy to be working with Miles and finally feel like my business is building everyday. You’d be CRAZY not to work with him! – Michelle Weber
Just wanted to say that I appreciate SO MUCH how you show up. You led me to some pretty deep epiphanies around not only my work, but around my motivation and relationship with masculine and feminine energies. Somehow through my one session with you, I was more fired up, more accountable for my biz and more committed than ever. I saw how your healthy and divine masculine leadership inspired me in ways I hadn’t experienced in the entrepreneurial world. Long story short, I grew up with a mom who was very passive and so her directions and demands didn’t instill much conviction for me because I didn’t have a strong masculine presence/container the majority of my life. I had a lightbulb moment as I reflected on our call and realized how powerful you and other masculine leaders can be as guides on the journey of entrepreneurship for women like me. Despite working with so many amazing female mentors/coaches- your kind yet direct, no BS approach was so damn motivating, whereas with most women, I have an easier time taking their gentleness as a get-out-of-jail free card. Feel like some would dock me a few feminist points here but I was just so impressed after our call 🙂 – Liz Lalor