Good morning boob. Happy Lovers day (again). I hope you know how much I love you. Let's have a day 🙂

“What did the paper clip say to the magnet?” “I find you very attractive.”

“What do you give your Valentine in France?” “A big quiche.”

“What do you call sweets that can keep a beat?” “Candy rappers.”

Ahhhhh good times 🙂

And the coopie doopie.

With good people.

“Tanks mah”

We escaped!


I wanted to try an surprise you, so I didn't ask you about your schedule...so hopefully you have some time! Today may not be the sunniest day, but we'll play it by ear. And who knows, maybe the sun will pop out and say hello!

1. Wake up
2. Smell the flowers
3. Navigate to this website

4. Drink some water, maybe mocktail
5. Coffee shop hang, read, chill 🙂
6. Come back for the Box and finish some stuff!
7. Couples workout
8. Secret snack spot
9. Lunch (if still hungry)
10. Hang at home, chill, watch movie, work a little, snuggle
11. Date night (at home)