Way of the Superior Funnel


Top 3 marketing mistakes coaches make building their systems & funnels.

There's an epidemic of Toxic Funnelinity going on as we speak...and I want to stop it.

It causes you to feel like you’re forcing it. You’re told to fit your round business into a square template. It feels inauthentic and awkward, which isn’t sustainable.

I’d like to show you how to..

Build a heart-centered ecosystem that grows with you and actually feels good.

without selling your soul to the funnel gods.


Imagine you’ve got a trailer hitched to your business.

It’s full of all the unnecessary funnel & marketing information that you’ve picked up along the way.

All the distractions that take up time and don’t actually work.

All the funnel and system traps that we all seem to fall into.

What if you could just unhitch the trailer?

As a coach, healer, or creator, you need to simplify things.

You can build a lightweight heartfunnel that helps you…

  • reach the right people
  • connect with them + build trust
  • convert followers into clients
  • serve your clients long-term

#simple + #heartcentered = #sustainable

With all the info thrown at us on a daily basis it’s hard to keep things simple (especially in this industry)

We tend to..

Often, we miss the mark by only a few inches, which might as well be miles!

I want to show you a few simple mistakes you’re making, how to correct them, and how to build a heart-centered ecosystem for your amazing biznass!


Don’t forget to bring your sage!

#dweeb ☝️

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