Way of the Superior Brand

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A 3-day workshop to build a brand as unique as you are

Is your brand having an identity crisis?

A brand is your business’s personality.

Sure, it’s color, fonts, style, voice, and all that.

But more importantly, it’s the emotion you feel when you interact with that business.

It’s the energy.

It’s the subtle undertones.

It’s the nuances.

It’s your differentiator.

It’s that “I can tell they put their heart into this” feeling.

A superior brand resonates with the people in your vision.

A superior brand is sticky.

A superior brand is dynamic yet consistent.

A superior brand has values and direction.

It’s the internal and external aesthetic.

You didn't study design, but you have high standards?

If you’re anything like me, you want your brand to look awesome. You have high standards.

But you can easily get sucked into the black hole of design


You might spend hours on making your content, website, pdfs, and banners look cool…then completely change them up 2 weeks later.

It’s not sustainable!

I used to always think…”okay, I’ll do a full rebrand, but this will be the one!”


I finally learned what a brand REALLY is and why it's so important.

I’m a slow learner, but once I get it…things move quickly.

I learned that a brand is MUCH more than a logo, colors, and a few fonts.

learned how to efficiently whip up an awesome brand in a couple of days.

One that sticks.

One that’s sustainable 🙂

I started building brandkits for clients and learned so much more.

I created processes for my clients to clarify their internal branding landscape.

Then I created workflows and templates to make it WAY easier on myself.

The other day, I whipped up a micro-brand for my partner’s new offer she’s launching.

It took me about an hour in Canva and it’s sexy as hell…

Common mistakes

A lot of brands I see...

ツ Are all over the place, inconsistent, confusing

ツ Are constantly changing (kills trust)

ツ Look like everyone else

ツ Are messy, chaotic, and broken

ツ Are wandering…


There aren’t really any secrets out there anymore, right?

Here’s my take on branding.

All the info exists.

Now, it’s who can organize it in a way that works.

Who can connect.

Who can be the most human!

Who can build a community worth being a part of.

Your clients aren’t investing in the info (although part of it).

They are investing in…to put it in a word…                   .


Some energies turn you off.

Most are blah…they feel the same as everyone else.

And a few pull you in.

A brand is much more than the basic aesthetics.

It’s often something you can’t quite see.

“Idk, I just love them!” — new follower

So no, you don’t HAVE to have fonts and colors, but a brand is essential.

It’s like hanging a sign outside a store that says..

“if you’re attracted to this kind of energy, you’re going to love it inside…come on in!”

The Workshop

This is a live 3-day workshop via zoomy zoom. You’ll have lifetime access to the recordings and all updates / tools / resources / templates / tutorials that are added in the near future.

Internal branding

  • Wandering brand vs. Superior brand
  • How to embody your brand vs. fit into it
  • How to allow for brand evolution w/o confusing ppl
  • How to build a sustainable brand!
  • Your brand values, vision, and energy (worksheet)

External branding

  • Building your brandkit in Canva
  • Templates and tools for inspiration
  • How to use & organize Canva to make branding easy!
  • After the zoom, you’ll watch a short training and create your brandkit for day 3!

Group critique & support

  • Show and tell
  • Feedback & support
  • What’s next, how to use your new brandkit sustainably
  • Special gift (not an upsell..)

This workshop will not be a “sit and take notes” kind of workshop. We will be WORK-shopping together. You’ll have homework and will get direct feedback from myself and others. You’ll leave this workshop with a new superior brand…so get ready.


Create your own brandkit that stands out, calls in your dream clients, and aligns with your energy.

This Workshop is for...

Coaches, healers and creators who want a brand that accurately portrays their uniqueness.

A brand that’s as uique as you are!

You want a brand that works.

That energizes you.

That’s sustainable.

You want to learn how to build a brandkit and branded content.

You want to learn how to stay organized an efficient

Branded Content

Create branded content for social posts, cover photos, email banners, web pages, and more.

What you'll learn

✓ How to create a brand that stands out

✓ How to create brand values

✓ How to build consistency into your brand

✓ How to build a brandkit

✓ How to use Canva efficiently #organization

✓ How to create sexy branded content (even if you’re not a designer)

✓ How to build a superior brand that attracts the right people 

5% of revenue will go to HFC. HFC is a nonprofit movement, led by Seth Rogen and Lauren Miller Rogen, whose mission is to care for families facing this disease, educate young people about living a brain-healthy life, and activate the next generation of Alzheimer’s advocates.

If you're ready to build a superior brand that's as u n i q u e as you are, take a deep breath, smile, and click the big sexy butt....on below and I'll see you on the other side.