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Design isn’t hard. The hard part is knowing what problem to solve using design.

Empower Unique Brands to Find Their True North

Without a brand, you’re a commodity. Without the right branding, you’re wandering. Noisy, confusing, and unorganized. Using a simple framework, we help you build a simple brand ecosystem so you can grow with confidence and purpose without losing your way.


Identity is nothing without strategy. We’ll help you find your brand’s true north & give you a GPS to get there.


An organized brand identity that acts as the visual vehicle for your message & breathes new life into your biz.


Tie it all together with a website. An on-brand and optimized digital ecosystem that’s easy to navigate.

Is This You?

You’re wandering. Everything feels fragmented. You don’t have a brand that communicates a clear message and converts people. 

Your digital real estate is discombobulated. You’re jealous of other brands that have their sh*t together It’s confusing, intangible, and lacks identity & direction.

You may have some momentum, but brand obscurity is keeping your from growing with confidence & purpose.

We help unique brands solve problems. Creative entrepreneurs, personal brands, coaches, consultants, and service-based businesses. We specialize in brand strategy, identity, and web design to tie it all together.

So that when people come to your website or interact with your brand, you can trust that it looks and feels like YOUR brand (not a hodgepodge of random templates).

Brand Blind Spots


Marketing is easier for people to grasp, thus easier to sell. We’re told on a daily basis that xyz marketing strategy will bring you tons of leads and solve all your business problems. The blind spot here is that when you’re branding is off, no amount of marketing will work.

You have a business, not a brand

You have a business, which is cool, but you haven’t created perception. You haven’t built a specific and identifiable identity that people can have an opinion about.

You need to know who your brand is, why it exists, who it serves, how it communicates, and what it looks like. Until people relate to your brand like they do a person, you’ll simply own a business.

You're wandering

Your brand is like a serial dater who’s too afraid to let people in to who they really are (lol). You’re either too vague and boring, or you change too frequently.

It’s likely you just need to clean things up a bit and commit. You probably have some momentum, but you’re inconsistent with your message, your content, your design. But it’s all good, you’re here for a reason.

The Facts

Attention spans aren't high...

People need to see your brand at least several times (sometimes far more) before they take action or remember it. This means your brand must stay focused and create a consistent and memorable brand presence across various channels to increase the likelihood of brand recall and recognition.

The roi of design

Work smarter, not harder. The right message paired with the right visuals will stand out and stick in the minds of your audience. Resonate deeper with more people, who share your message with more people (compound affect), who invest more money, more frequently. Your content performs better, requiring less work, and better results.

We process visuals faster than text

60,000x faster to be exact…let that sink in. And while faster is not always better, it’s important for the fast-paced brains of today’s world. Visuals help earn and hold attention. It starts with your message, but design is the velcro. The right words combined with branded visuals will be remembered and shared.

Design is hard, overdesign is easy

So many tools, templates, colors, fonts, icons, and cool do you choose. How do you stick with only a select few? The problem I see today is not a lack of design, but too much design. Over-designed websites and bloated brand identities that overwhelm people. Even the best copy in the world can fall on deaf ears with the wrong design. The world needs less, not more. Simple, not complicated. Useful, not perfect.

Our Dream Client Resonates
With the Following…


We always start with strategy. Identity means nothing without it. Dedication to strategic thinking, ensuring that every aspect of branding aligns with a client’s goals and objectives. Total alignment and agreement before progressing.


Allowing space for creativity, breaking rules, going off script, and exploring what’s possible when we remove boundaries (and making it fun along the way).


Fighting for clarity, brevity, minimal design and concise writing through a simple and effective process. Creating pattern interruption by subtraction, not by addition, because over-designing is easy, clarity takes time.


Committing to building sustainable brand ecosystems that last. Providing simple systems that can be leveraged by everyone in the organization to create a long-term perpetual system.


Creating brands that find harmony between the creator, the team, the audience, and the world – Bringing a sense of balance and calmness to their experience. We want your brand to feel like a breath of fresh air, an exhalation, a calm and soothing resolve for your audience (instead of adding to the noise).


Putting the ego aside, taking off the ‘expert hat’ and getting to the core of something. Exploring new questions, perspectives, and ways of thinking to arrive at new and useful solutions. Asking the right questions, even if they are uncomfortable.

Every Friday I’ll send you a short (easy to digest) weekly email sharing insights for the inner and outer game of building a brand without yelling.

This simple checklist lays it all out. If you follow this in order, you’ll avoid wrong turns, wasted time, and be well on your way to building a thriving brand.


You take your car in to be serviced. You take your body in for a health check up. Why not your brand? Find out where the gaps are & what to focus on next.

What Makes Us Unique (your secret weapon)

There Are a Ton of Options Out There – Why partner with us? It’s a great question and one we’ve thought a lot about. After extensive competitive research, here is why we’re different.

I noticed with clients that even after giving them everything they need for their brand identity, they would violently veer off course 6 months later. I’d see something they posted on social that clearly used a template, WTF! So I’d go to their website to see it’s been butchered! Why is this?

1) The client didn’t follow instructions…

2) We didn’t do our job!!!

The creative entrepreneur often struggles to stay consistent with branding. We don’t like feeling boxed in by our brand. We want to explore, expand, and try new things, it’s fun and feels right in the moment.

But it’s not good branding.

We’re on a mission to create one of the most unique branding delivery and integration system & methodology in the industry – (instead of just handing you a long PDF and some drive folders you never open.

When you work with us, we integrate your branding 100% into your preferred tool (or we recommend our favorite tool) and make retrieving and using branded assets, incredibly simple – across your entire team (for the long-term).


What We Specialize In

Brand Strategy

  • Competitor analysis
  • SWOT analysis
  • Persona building
  • Market placement

Brand Identity

  • Naming
  • Messaging
  • Logo
  • Identity systems


  • Design + Development
  • Copywriting
  • Migration + Maintenance
  • Initial SEO foundations

What we refer to others (don’t do)

  • Packaging design
  • Photography / videography
  • Advertising
  • App design
  • Ongoing SEO
  • Social media management
  • eCommerce
  • Work with Ego-driven brands
  • Work with those who don’t understand the unequivocal value of hiring help for branding
A Few Recent Projects

What Clients Are Saying

Hi, I’m Miles

Brand Problem Solver, designer, writer and podcast cohost.

I’m an ex-bro marketer. Like many, I learned all the “bro tactics” and then left marketing altogether after 7 years because it felt cringy and forced.

When I came back, I quickly realized that most people don’t have a marketing problem, they have a branding problem. Marketing won’t work if you have a wandering brand.

Today, I help unique brands build a simple brand ecosystem so they can grow with confidence and purpose without losing your way. I specialize in brand identity, strategy, and web design.

I cohost ‘The Subtle Art of Not Yelling‘ with my pal Bill. A weekly podcast for creatives about the creative process, finishing what you start, and building a business without yelling.

We also have a community for creatives and entrepreneurs called The Box, where projects get finished.

I’m from Austin, TX, lived in Denver for 4 years, and am currently seeing if I’m a “beach guy” in Hermosa Beach, CA. 

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