Stop Doing This

Good actors make you forget they’re acting.

Good comedians make you forget they are telling premeditated jokes.

Good brands don’t feel like brands.

“Like, subscribe, share!”

“Our Brand Mission is to help millions of people live at their highest potential.”


I think this type of branding is a thing of the past.

It’s boring and elusive. 

Personally, I don’t like pushy brands that ask you to share stuff.

It defeats the purpose for me.

If I like it, I’ll share it.

This goes back to being a brand that doesn’t question who it is. It’s not needy or desperate for attention.

* Even if it doesn’t currently have much attention.

Let’s take, for example, a few of my favorite personal brands / content creators:

  1. Lex Fridman
  2. Dan Koe
  3. Tej Dosa

They have this “no fu*ks” mentality that others lack. They don’t start their video / podcast with some cringy branded intro followed by, ‘Make sure to subscribe!”

Instead, you can feel their passion and it makes you like them (or not). They get right into the story, no BS.

Great brands create a desired point of view and opinion. They do so by being human. Humans have emotions, stories, vibes, a unique voice and cadence. They are memorable. 

To clarify, I’m not saying don’t have a call to action, I’m saying don’t be desperate.

But this isn’t something that happens overnight. You have to build this muscle over time. So I have a challenge for you.

Experiment: Let go of all expectations. Detach yourself from the results. Nothing matters. Followers, likes, views, subscribes, clicks, throw it all away. All that matters is your output.

***Your honest output***

Don’t just do something because someone else told you to do it. Instead, observe the world, your audience, your clients, yourself, and share that SH*T!

Be okay with pouring all your energy into a piece of content that no one sees. That’s progress.

Pick one main outlet. Instagram, LinkedIn, email etc. and post something every day for 30 days.

Resist the urge to view the analytics. It will be right there just begging you to look at it, but don’t do it!

Prove to yourself that it’s not about the #’s.

After 30 days, review your results (ideally with someone else).

Sound good?

Now, odds are, you’re not going to do this. At best, you do it for 1-2 weeks, then fizzle. You’ll come up with a million reason not to.

Let all those negative thoughts through. They won’t stick around long if you take action.

If you’re a shiny object kind of person or get easily distracted, join the Box for the month. Create a container for this to happen.

Or as Liz Wilcox puts it:  “Put yourself in a box so you stop bouncing around uncontrollably and actually get things done.”

Have a wonderful day.