Slow Down You Crazy Child

How much time do you spend on social media?

What’s your consumption rate vs. creation rate?

Consumption has a pretty low point of diminishing returns, whereas creating has almost none.

So what’s your ratio?

I will consistently find myself getting sucked in.

Our brains are practically powerless against the behemoth that is “the algorithm.”

Scrolling serves almost zero purpose.

Maybe you get a laugh and send a reel to a friend to stay connected. Maybe you learn something useful. But after that, you’re just on autopilot.

You log off (lol) feeling overwhelmed and unmotivated.

If you think about your life in terms of money – so when you’re born you have $1 million dollars, and when you die you have zero…

When you scroll, you might as well be holding a lighter to a wad of “life cash”.

That sucks.

You beat the odds. 1 in 400 trillion.

Don’t waste that!

This realization prompted me to start a fun little project.

“Project slow down.”

No goal. No intention, just wanted to try and remind people to slow down, get off social, and go spend their life cash on something awesome.

Check it out → @slo____w


Most mornings, I go through what I call, “Miles 2.0,” which reminds me who I am, what I’m becoming, and where I’m going.

Left to my own devices, I’d likely wander around, get sucked into the chaos, be broke, fat, and unhappy.


So I rely on my “higher self” to keep me on course.

It’s full of images and reminders of what I’ve achieved, what my values are, and what I need to focus on.

I wanted to share a few daily reminders that help me throughout the day.

Daily reminders…

  • You’re not smart, you’re just capable and committed
  • Know What You Can (and Can’t) Control….
  • Mind Your Own Business
  • Listen more, talk less, take action mostly
  • Results are the only proof, prove it to yourself, experiment
  • Moderation sustains, but don’t be afraid of certain extremes
  • Seek help from those you trust and respect
  • Slow down, focus on direction, not speed
  • Slow is smooth, smooth is fast
  • You too must die, (Memento Mori) so don’t be afraid to live

Have a great freakin’ day my friend.