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In my experience, long-lasting ideas don’t come from how-to’s, step-by-step guides, tips, tricks, or tactics. Instead, they’re planted deep in the brain from a book, podcast, story, or personal experience. They show up later, when you’re least expecting it.

A seed is an idea, an insight, a mental model. It tickle your brain and makes you think. It’s not something you have to write down. Some seeds will sprout and some won’t. But the right seed can change the course of your business and life.

I started this weekly email in 2020 when I started HeartFunnels (now BrandThrive). It was called Tiny Training Tuesday. But the content outgrew that name. I don’t like talking tips. It makes me cringe. They aren’t bad, but I don’t want to be the tip guy. I want to talk about the stuff you can’t find on google. That’s what lights me up. That’s what actually makes things move.

I really enjoy the Seeds Miles shares every week. They’re short and sweet making them easy to keep up with while also being insightful and evoking introspection! If you haven’t listened you’re missing out!


Tawnie & Co. Owner & Founder

During the ordinary one man podcasts or segments I find myself getting lost in other thoughts. Seeds are planted in less than 10 (usually); the perfect time to split up the day with a much needed solo walk & (what feels like) a new conversation. If you need a refreshing mid week pick me up (CALLING ALL CREATORS) you can count on seeds to cool you off & light you right back up💫

– Natasha

welull Founder
Science of spirituality

He cuts the fat and gets to the point, without any bro marketing vibes. I can tell he’s done countless hours of research to now be this authority that I trust when it comes to all things systems, marketing, and branding.

I sometimes even print the emails out so I can read them, again and again, to remind myself of what’s most important, before I get lost in the abyss that is online entrepreneurial advice.

And the videos he shares are also easy to follow and bookmark. Last but not least, I love that he preps his audience to expect value packed messages from him on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so I have something to look forward to.

I’m so glad to be connected to an intuitive, heart-led leader like Miles who holds a strong masculine container with a deep acceptance and understanding of the feminine.

– Liz

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