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This simple checklist lays it all out. If you follow this in order, you’ll avoid wrong turns, wasted time, and be well on your way to building a thriving brand.

The Box

Where projects get finished. A container and community for your creative & entrepreneurial energy. Finish what you start, because amazing happen on the other side of finished.

My friend Liz Wilcox is the go-to person for email marketing. I’ve been in this membership for a long time, use it frequently, and recommend to many. She is a breath of fresh (prince) air!

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My friend Dylan Schmidt from Digital Podcaster created a no-brainer product that we’ve been using since its inception. Transform your videos into fresh and engaging pieces of content.

The best way to request and collect testimonials.

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Tab management & organization.

Sponsor the Pod and be mentioned on every episode.

Website hosting

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Design for everyone

Elementor web builder

Video hosting + Sharing

Circle Community Tool


Got A pod?

Let’s have an interesting convo on your pod.

I get tons of joy speaking to groups, programs, masterminds, and on podcasts. If the topic of branding, marketing, design, visual messaging, and the creative process overlaps with your peeps, let’s collab!