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Miles was a DELIGHT from start to finish, plus he’s a genius at his craft so I 100% would recommend him to a friend or hire him again to do my branding.

I feel so much more confident and legit in my business because I have branding that reflects my vision. As a spiritual guide & business mentor I needed a vibe for my brand that showcased the complexities of my offerings, but in a simple way.

It’s so easy for me to go in and create something beautiful and aligned for my new offers and I’ve already gotten more traction and engagement in my business since using the designs Miles created for me. 10/10, highly recommend. Thank you Miles!!!!

Dana Hayes, Spiritual guide & business mentor

Miles is an amazing person to collaborate with to enhance your brand’s message. The exchange in cost for this brand kit was the best marketing dollars we’ve ever spent.

Whilst working with Miles we @TeamSatoCO were able to join together to uncover our company’s look and feel through his wide knowledge of branding.

In addition, we integrated thoughtful iconography and give our company a refreshed foundation to build from.

I would highly recommend Miles’s heart-centered approach to business and innovative approach to marketing.

Steve Sato, @TeamSatoCO

This brand kit has given me structure, consistency & has brought my brand to life.

As a previous employee for two very large production companies, I can say that Miles’ work flow is incomparable to that of agencies. He’s an incredible listener, authentic, communicative & creative.

Once your templates are created based on your niche, they’re easy to implement across all of your platforms. Choosing Miles was a no brainer when it comes to branding & marketing

Natasha Bailleres, @weLULL

I had a logo that I would slap up on a webpage. Now I have an actual brand kit. No more endless searching for the right hex color to match my logo!

Miles created design elements that match my style, and make me look much cooler than I actually am.

Bill Small, @artistmind

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