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A Professional Showcase by Miles Hanson

If you’re not having fun with what you’re doing then you’re doing it wrong.

Miles Hanson



📍 Austin, TX

Hey there!

I’m Miles, a seasoned professional with a passion for building and growing. If you’re seeking a versatile creative leader who can propel your business forward with innovative thinking and strategic execution, you’ve come to the right place.

I thrive on complexity and excel in roles that demand a blend of creativity and strategic acumen. My expertise isn’t confined; I’m a hyper-creative data junkie who relishes the challenge of marrying vision with meticulous execution.

I love working inside of a collaborative environment with a team working towards a common mission.

Whether it’s crafting a compelling brand narrative or optimizing marketing funnels, I bring a unique blend of passion and precision to the table.

Explore my Professional Showcase, which includes my resume, portfolio, testimonials, and a comprehensive overview of my skills and achievements.

“I had the distinct pleasure of managing and working closely with Miles as we revamped many processes and procedures surrounding Cosential’s lead gen team, and by doing so have become a huge fan of his character. While serving in the role Miles not only contributed to defining, documenting and executing the plans, in doing so he injected well over a $1M net new revenue into the business while developing a pipeline of well over $1M still in work. He’s as reliable as they come, and a vital team member that will be missed. I’d recommend Miles for any role that values trust, integrity and needs someone with a strong cognitive ability to pivot and grow.”

Bobby Hollis

VP, Marketing & Business Development

Core Work Values


Always start with strategy. Dedication to strategic thinking, ensuring that every aspect of a project aligns with the company goals and vision.


Fighting for clarity, brevity, and simplicity in design and messaging. Creating pattern interruption by subtraction, not by addition, because over-designing and over writing are easy, clarity takes time and skill.


Committing to building sustainable systems that that last. Building structures that can be leveraged by everyone in the organization to create a long-term perpetual system.


Putting the ego aside, taking off the ‘expert hat’ and getting to the core of something. Exploring new questions, perspectives, and ways of thinking to arrive at new and useful solutions. Asking the right questions, even if they are uncomfortable.


Doing work that finds harmony (not balance) between the creator, the team, the audience, and the world – Bringing a sense of balance and calmness to the user experience. A breath of fresh air.


Allowing space for creativity, breaking rules, going off script, and exploring what’s possible when we remove boundaries (and making it fun along the way).

List of things I'm proficient in, have experience with, and love to do.


The earlier years:

  • Studied Business Marketing at Texas State University
  • Graduated in 2015.
  • Worked 2 jobs in Sales and 2 jobs in Marketing (a lot of overlap).
  • Learned about business and got into building websites.
  • Starting working with clients in different capacities (websites, design, marketing strategy, content, Brand strategy and identity).

(2017) Accumulated over 700,000 views on Quora (all time)

I wrote 188 answers on quora, most of which are short to medium sized articles. I started in 2017, wrote most of my answers in the first 6 months, then continued to write more spontaneously. I rarely write on Quora today.

This was sparked by my brain fog journey. I shared my own journey, research, and insights around the brain, health, productivity, career, and marketing.

Quora profile.

Built a Brand around Brain Fog

Once I started writing, I realized a lot of people were struggling with the same problem. The resources around Brain Fog were also foggy. I created a free course, held a workshop and built up an email list of over 400 subscribers and a Facebook group of over 200 people.



(2020) Built a Service / Coaching business that has served over 50 clients and customers

After freelancing and traveling the world (South America, Southeast Asia, India), I was forced home when Covid hit in March 2020. With some extra time and energy, I funneled my freelancing into a new business.

Eventually I hired some help and have continued to evolve this business.

My main offering was to help my clients brand and build sustainable marketing ecosystems.

  • Marketing strategy
  • Branding (Canva)
  • Website design (Canva, Figma)
  • Website dev (WordPress + Elementor, many other tools)
  • Website optimization and handoff

At one point or another I’ve hired or contracted help with admin, social media, content creation, SEO, and web development. I love using Freeup or LinkedIn to hire.

Today, the same business has transformed from HeartFunnels (Systems & Funnels for Heart-centered coaches) to BrandThrive, where my main focus is helping my clients build thriving brands through strategy, design and sustainable brand ecosystems.

  • Helped 20+ clients with branding + marketing ecosystems
  • Served over 50 clients / customers

Home page

(2020 - 2021)
Living Brave Coaching

Brand design, web dev, automations, backend, funnels for a brand that did 1M rev in it’s first year (now 2m+ yearly rev).


(2017 - Today)
Director of Marketing @ Level Engineering & Architecture

Highest online reputation in CO for Engineering & Architecture firm
Helped them go from 400k yearly rev, 1 location – Over 4m yearly, 10 locations nationwide and growing faster than ever.

(2021 - Today) 'The Subtle Art of Not Yelling' Podcast.

A weekly podcast for creatives about the creative process. Learn how to finish what you start, ship your work, and build a business without yelling.

In 2021 our podcast was in the to 10% most shared globally and was heard in 28 countries.


(2022 - Today) The Box - Where projects get finished.

The box was born out of a podcast episode we did around creating a creative container for your work.

It’s a community of creatives that meet twice weekly for 90 minute coworking sessions as well as one coaching (boxing) call per month.


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