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Your path of least resistance

Your path of least resistance

You are mostly water. When it comes to your work, you’re either flowing down your path of least resistance, or you’re going “straight” and running into energy-draining dams.

How can we find our paths of least resistance?

Enjoy today’s seed!

Here is the latest episode of “The Subtle art of Not Yelling” pod where we talk about a similar topic.

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Hey, happy Tuesday. Oh, wait, it’s not Tuesday. It’s Thursday. And you probably wonder, Oh, what the hell miles? Okay, so your boys moving up in the world? All right.

I’m making big moves, I got air pods, you know, wireless, cut those wires out of my life, you know? Well, not entirely. So I get these air pods that the new ones, they’re really cool. And the only downside is the mic sounds like absolute shit. And so I recorded about a 20 minute seed and went all over the place. And then it just sounds like you almost can’t even hear it. It’s so so bad. So I’m Doctor wires. For now I’m going to use the air pods. So workout. But when it comes to doing stuff like this, I just can’t do it. So I don’t know if it was my specific air pods. Because there’s no way everyone sounds like that. It’s brutal. So anyway, happy day. You know one thing about seeds if you’re new here, which I’ve actually been getting no good amount of increase in subscribers, which is really exciting. So if you’re new here, I appreciate you. And one thing you’ll learn is, while I try to say stay consistent from a macro level, you know, sometimes I don’t hit the same day, every week, and maybe a couple times I’ll, I’ll miss a week entirely. And that’s just part of this agreement that we have here. Anyway, I meandered all over the place when I recorded the first seed that you’re never going to hear. So I’m going to take the only few bits and pieces from that that I think were really, really powerful. And then we’re going to move on with our day, and it’s gonna be great. So a couple of little updates. Number one, I completed my reels challenge, which was just my made up my own challenge to just post a real everyday for 30 days, I posted 30 reels in 45 days. So I didn’t quite hit that. But still created way more than I ever have. And learned a lot. And instead of going deep into that, here with you. I did a whole post about it on Instagram. So you can go check it out there. I’d love to hear your thoughts. It was really fun. I’m definitely gonna keep doing rails. So the next thing is the podcast. Gosh, I think my favorite thing right now is the podcast. It’s so fun to show up and create with Bill and with our guests. And a lot is coming out of it. So a new episode just came out yesterday. And it’s about a few things, but really kind of the, the core of it is like, you know, this idea of habits and goals and doing the work and how we do the work. So the title of it is it’s not the load. It’s the way you carry it. There’s a quote that we talked about. It’s not the load that weighs you down. It’s the way you carry it. And this hit me like a ton of bricks, no pun intended. And made me think you know, we are water. Right? I mean, quite literally we are made up of mostly water. And what water does, because it has no other way to function in nature is it finds the path of least resistance. It finds grooves, it works its way downhill because of gravity. And that’s what we are. And my goal is to find my paths of least resistance when it comes to the work that I do in my life. And you I challenge you to look at the work that you do in your life and the areas where you’re going uphill, so to speak, and you’re coming across dams that are blocking this creative energy this flow Your water. And there’s really two ways to move through life. And I’m not gonna say that one is better than the other. Because sometimes we do have to work through those blocks. So one strategy is the straight line approach, you just go, you just hustle, you grind. Even if it sucks all of your energy and you hate it, you still got to do it. So you go straight. And that’s, we have to do that sometimes to an extent.

Then the other one is, we find that flow, we find that path of least resistance. And things happen more organically. Now, my goal is to move more and more through my life from this straight line approach, which can be necessary to get things going more to the path of least resistance. And I challenge you to do the same. And there’s ways to see it like I know right? Now you can think about it, you can point to things that you do in your life, whether they’re like personal routines, like your health, like going to the gym, what you eat, stuff like that, you know, where do you get into a flow? Easiest? Is it at that one coffee shop that you love with the perfect, perfect environment? And not too many people? Or is it at your home? Or is at your office? Think about stuff like this? And where is your path of least resistance, okay. So that is the seed that I want to plant. And I want that to really take hold because that can change the way you do work and the way that you live your life. And then when you have this, when you’re going down this path of least resistance, then you pick up momentum, you pick up speed, new things come out of it, you’re more creative, you’re more energized, you’re having more fun, you’re smiling more, you’re more playful like today, I’m weirdly randomly playful. I’m like happy. I’m cracking jokes with people that I don’t typically crack jokes.

And, you know, I think part of it is finding that path of least resistance. I don’t feel a lot of resistance. Okay. I hope you’re doing well. I hope that you’re happy. I hope that you get a lot from the seats. And if you have a wonderful week that’s all talk to you soon.