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This sh** isn’t easy

This sh** isn't easy

What a time to be alive huh?

We’re so lucky…

Yeah, things can be hard, unfair, and shi**y sometimes.

But, we have SO much control over our own livelihood and happiness.

And we have all the tools we need to build our own wealth.

Our own brand.

But…I don’t think there is enough dialogue around how hard it actually is.

It sounds nice.

It seems easy enough.

But why are there so many failed attempts to build a business/brand/audience?

There are over 330 million people in the US. There are projected to be 10.3 million self-employed people in the US by 2026.

That’s a pretty small percentage…

I believe one of the main reasons this number isn’t far larger is because of unrealistic expectations.

The classic book, “The E Myth” opened my eyes to this phenomenon years ago.

We think our idea (product, branding, message) is great. Otherwise, we wouldn’t do it.

We think something will happen 2 weeks into posting about our new thing on Instagram.

We’re often fed expectations that our [insert content strategy] will fruit in 30 / 60 / 90 days.

We think we’ll be millionaires in our first couple of years.

Worse yet, we think things are going to change if we do the same thing over and over again.

Instead, we must go into building a brand with expectations that are grounded in logic.

We need to be really hard on our ideas and try to poke holes in them every chance we get.

Sounds harsh, but if we don’t do this, they will never see the light of day.

If your idea is all about you…you’ll be stuck.

If your message sucks…you’ll be stuck.

If you’re bad at marketing…you’ll be stuck.

If your brand blends in…you’ll be stuck.

If you’re inconsistent… you’ll be stuck.

And so on…

Today’s seed is about overcoming the idea that our effort will bread result in an unrealistic timeframe.

It’s about resetting expectations and positioning your brand for success.

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Hi Hey, it’s Miles, and welcome to Seeds, there’s gonna be a bit of a ramble. But sometimes those are the best. So hopefully this is one of those. It’s this idea of when we create something, we create a brand, we create an idea, we put it out into the world, you know, we’ve got an offering, or at the very least, we’re, we’ve got an idea, and we’re building a brand, and an audience around that. You’re probably doing something like that, right? So when we put it out there, most of the time, it’s crickets for a while. And we’ve all been there. Some of us are, have always been there, and we’ve never heard whatever the opposite of crickets would be. And so, you know, I got to thinking, in my own experience, because I’ve done a lot of different things. And I think one thing that I’ve learned is that there’s almost this weird, made up invisible line that we have to cross. And it’s the line of, all right, this person’s serious about this, they’re actually doing it. So it kind of works like this. Let’s take a podcast, for example. Podcasts is your main medium to communicate your message with your people grow your audience, you know, you’ve got social media, and you’re putting stuff out. So let’s say like the first month, which, when it’s your first month of something like it feels like three months, because your workflows aren’t there yet, they’re not optimized. So things take longer, the ideas aren’t coming to you maybe as quickly as you want, or as concisely as you’d like. So it takes some time. And the first month goes by and nothing really happens. Maybe you get a handful of people that you know, their ears perk up, but that’s about it. But likely, you don’t even see that right? You just think that no one gives a shit. And that could very much be the case. And I want I want to be really, like brutally honest, because in my own experience, you know, I wish someone had been more honest with me like, you got to put something out that, like what’s in it for them? What’s specifically in it for them? Why should they give you your attention, right? So you have to come up with that. And that takes time to figure out. So anyway, the first month, you’re putting your podcast out there, you’re sharing it with the world. And a handful of people see it, and they’re like, Oh, that’s cool, but they keep scrolling, nothing happens. And then the second month, if you’re consistent, and you’re trying new things, and you’re seeing what’s working, then those same people are gonna say, Oh, wow, this, this actually kind of cool. But they keep scrolling. And then the third month, they’re still following you, they’re still checking out your stuff every now and then. And you know, this time, they see your thing, they don’t interact with it at all. They don’t tell you, they don’t buy from you yet. They don’t subscribe to your email list yet. But maybe you’ve planted yourself in their mental Rolodex as the go to person for this thing. And you share this, you know, this cool visual that really communicates an idea that you know, they probably are familiar with an idea. It’s not like we’re reinventing things typically. So like, you know, if it’s, I’m just email marketing is on the mind because the reel I just posted today about Liz Wilcox. So like the idea of email marketing is not new. And it’s not that like exciting for most people. But the way she presents it is unique. And so maybe you create a visual that shows them the value of email marketing in a way they’ve never seen before in a way that’s super actionable for them that they can do like right away. And so now you’re in their mind you’ve you have this brand velcro that’s stuck in their brain enough to hold on. While they continue to scroll through social media, check their email, you know, all day talk to people have all these interactions and just pump their brain full of information. You’re still in there you’re holding on for dear life. That little idea of Velcro.

That is your brand. So you’re in week you’re in month three. Now this is all hypothetical, just As an example, but it’s probably fairly realistic timewise because things take time, and especially at the beginning, when you don’t have it fully, you know, built up and super special and unique and grabby. So month four. So you’ve been doing this for a while now it feels like you’ve been doing it for a year. But for those people that have been seeing you kind of from the beginning or a couple months, you know, you’re just kind of there. And they don’t know how serious you are, they’re not really considering you, as like someone they would hire yet. But you’re moving in their direction. So you keep putting out content, you’re consistent, you’re consistent. I can’t stress that word enough consistency, consistency, value, you’re communicating value, you’re creating content around your brand pillars, the few things that are really important for you and your, for your brand, and for your people. And you’re not too broad, you’re not like jumping all over the place and confusing and overwhelming people, you’re staying specific enough. And you’re creative. You’re coming up with your own ideas. Maybe you’re you’re coming up with iterations of other ideas, but you’re also coming up with your own original thoughts. And then six months goes by and now maybe someone subscribes someone starts to build a relationship with you, someone buys from you. Okay, so that’s a made up journey. And what happens is, we expect, we expect and I expect, like I have, you know, our brains are wired for immediate gratification nowadays. So we put all this work and energy and effort into it with nothing, nothing to show for it. But then if you do it for long enough, and you figure it out, and you figure out the formula, and you try things, then it clicks and people actually subscribe, people start to follow you, people start to engage with you, people start to reach out to you and email you and start to build relationships with you. People start to want to book calls with you, people start to buy from you and people start to hire you, for 1000s of dollars to work with you, whatever it is. So my seed for you, is to take everything I just said, you know, you’ve probably maybe you’ve lived that many times, and you’re like, Yeah, I get it. I already knew this. Maybe you needed a reminder, because this shit isn’t easy. Or maybe you’re just kind of starting out and you need the right expectations going into this. Don’t stop two weeks and don’t stop a month and don’t stop. Don’t stop six months and don’t stop a year. And if you believe in your vision, if you believe in what you’re doing and you enjoy it, and it’s sustainable for you keep going just keep going. Get feedback from your people keep iterating and keep going and it will work. It just takes longer than we think and it takes more energy and effort than we typically budget for. So I hope that this seed is planted deep into your brain soil. reached out to me email me with where you’re at in your journey. Are you five years in? Are you six months in? Are you two weeks in? Tell me how it’s going tell me the emotions that are around that. I would absolutely love to hear the inner dialogue going on. Alright, thanks for listening. Have a beautiful week. Much love

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