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Tell Your Story

Tell Your Story

The other day, I had a call with a potential client. Super cool guy with an amazing product. But he’s missing something really important.

His story.

The “human-ness” of his business is dormant. It exists, but no one can see it. You can only get so far without this part of your business.

And he knows it. He feels it. That’s why he reached out. No matter how good your product/promise is, you can still get lost in the sea of sameness.

So how do we stand out?

Why should people choose us over anyone else? This is really important for building a sustainable business.

I’m doing 30 Instagram reels in 30 days…wow. Why? Why not. It’s an experiment. It’s pretty fun, not gonna lie. I’ll see what happens and report back 🙂

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Welcome to Happy Tuesday. And happy holidays, and happy 2021. It’s been a crazy journey as past couple years. How many times have you said that? How many times have you heard that? I? Okay, first off, before I get into today’s seed, have you taken a deep breath today? I know that can be triggering and annoying. Sometimes when I hear that and I’m in a bad mood. I’m like, oh, eff off. I don’t need a goddamn breath.

Then I do and I’m like, Damn, that’s right. Forgot. So here’s your invitation to do that. Okay, so couple things. For first, I just want to update you on something that I’m doing. And I think that it’s

a nice little experiment that you can follow my journey on if you want. And I’ll let you know how it goes. I am I have decided to post to create and post a reel every day for 30 days. And it’s strictly in experiments. It’s not necessarily something I’m going to continue to do unless the results are worth it. But I will say that in the past, I’ve done reels. And as much as I was turned off by the idea, I really enjoyed it. I think that a lot of people do reels the wrong way. They just do it to do it. It’s following trends, so on and so forth. And you know, it’s cringy to me at times. But just because it’s cringy to me doesn’t mean it’s super amazing and helpful to other people. So with that being said, I’m putting myself out there and I’m doing a real every single day. I think I’ve done for. So it’s the very beginning. And I will say this. I believe that they’re the best reels I’ve done so far. I put a good amount of time into them. People are loving them. And I’m getting a lot of messages about how funny they are. But they’re performing so bad. I think maybe it’s just because I’ve been off Instagram a little bit lately. The algorithm is isn’t showing me love right now. So we’ll see if that changes, I’m not going to be attached to that outcome. Because again, it’s an experiment. So if you wanted to check those out, I would appreciate that, because I think that they’re worth it. I think that they’re really cool. Okay, so today’s seed is about telling your story. Storytelling is kind of a buzzword lately. We hear it all the time. But I recently got off a call with a potential client, really interesting, cool guy who has a lot of experience. And he’s had his business for I want to say over a decade, and is doing really well. And the product is incredible. But there’s a gap. He’s missing the human side of his business and his brand. So he’s got the product. And he’s got the clientele, client acquisition through paid ads really dialed in through PPC, which is Pay Per Click like Google AdWords and stuff like that. But he doesn’t have an email list. He doesn’t have a story. He’s got this incredible story, but no one can see it. Everything is kind of a secret when it comes to like the background and the history of this company. And so we got to talking about this and potentially going to help him with that. But it just got me thinking how important that is. Like, we can talk about and it’s important to talk about what we can do for our people, Hey, we have this product, and it’s gonna get you this result. This is the promise, this is what we can do for you. Okay, that’s awesome. That’s really important. You gotta have that. But how much of that is out there? Like you’re not the only fill in the blank that exists. There’s very likely so many people and companies and brands out there that have a very similar if not the exact same promise, there’s nothing wrong with that. But the question is, Why you What makes you different? What makes you unique for your specific group of people. And so I think that the today see is a reminder to tell your story. Get behind the scenes, share what makes you unique share what makes you different specifically for your people. And just be vulnerable, like, share the backend stuff a little bit. Share your journey, share, like why you started your business, how you got into it. And I’m sure you’ve shared that before. But have you really? And do you do it enough?

Because there’s always this, there’s this law where, you know, no matter. You know, if you put your stuff out to you, it feels like wow, you won’t shut up about it. If you’re very repetitive, and you just won’t stop about, you will stop talking about this one thing, when in reality, it’s always far fewer people that feel like that than you think is far fewer eyes that actually see the thing that you’ve that you’re putting out there. So don’t be afraid to be repetitive to tell your story to repurpose your story to repurpose your content to put yourself out there continually, because so many people are gonna see it, you got to ship your work, as Seth Godin would say. So practice storytelling. Tell your story. Tell people, not only what you can do for them, but why and why you’re passionate about it, because that’s going to build trust trust, that’s going to build the relationship. And that’s what’s gonna differentiate you from everyone else out there. Alright, seed planted, I hope that you take that and you water it and see what happens over the next few weeks. I hope that you enjoy your holidays. I hope you enjoy some spaciousness and family time and getting closer with some friends maybe. And I’ll keep you posted on the real experiment that I’m doing on Instagram. And if you feel called to work with me, get some support. From me get some clarity around your marketing and your branding. I’ve got some really cool ways to work with me. So the workshop is happening earlier, early next year 2022, the marketing ecosystem workshop. If you want a custom boat website, I have eight spots still open for next year. So you can look at that I’ll link that below. And then smaller stuff like just a one off Heart to Heart call, which is gaining some clarity around your marketing and putting together a plan and blueprint. So you can you can run with that and feel good about it, especially coming into 2022. It’s nice to kind of clear that runway and have a nice solid plan in place. And that’s it. So I will see you I’m actually not going to do a seed. At least I’m not planning on it unless it spontaneously comes through me but I just feel like with the holidays and everything makes sense to kind of skip the next week’s seed and instead I’ll see you in 2022

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