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Movement In Your Biz + Updates

Movement In Your Biz + Updates

When things are stagnant, what can we do to create some movement? How to we create movement that creates more movement (aka momentum)?

This is everything in business.

Especially for those of us who need to be super picky about where we place our energy and attention (introverts).

I recently experienced some ‘post rebrand stagnation’.

I needed movement. So my coach gave me some much needed direction, which created SO much movement within 1 day….literally 24 hours and I had all the movement I could handle. Haha.

Why does this happen. Why do we (our business, brand, creativity) get stagnant. What can we do about it.


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Hey, it’s miles, and welcome to seeds. It’s been a little bit, how are you, I didn’t seem to see last week because I have been going through some powerful shifts and creating opportunities, which is awesome. Seeds had to just kind of take a break for a week. So we’re back and I have a lot of updates. But I’m not gonna, you know, stay, I’m not gonna go into the weeds, because I could definitely do that. But we’re gonna stay high level, because I respect your time. And if you’re listening to this, I really appreciate that. If you’re new, we’ve had some signups and new people. Welcome. And hope you’re well, it’s great to have you. So today, I’ll start with a couple of small updates. And then I want to talk about movement in your business and what you’re building and what you’re creating. So first updates are I have taken a new partnership and opportunity to work with a company and an A team that’s really cool. So it’s a little bit closer to a job. It’s not a job in a traditional sense, but I have certain responsibilities, design wise and everything. And it’s really exciting. And maybe down the road, I’ll tell you more about it, because it’s a really cool product, a really cool team. So I want to gloss over that. So that’s going to take some of my time, and then also have really made this shift into brand thrive. If you remember not too long ago, it was called Heart funnels. And I was, you know, talking all about marketing, which is still kind of true. But really focusing on branding now. It’s just so it feels so much better for me. So I’ve created brand box, which is my my only real offering right now. And I’m getting clients and it feels so good. Because it is my sweet spot. And it’s so fun. And it’s also like conversations that I have with with people about branding, it just feels so much more important. The timing of the conversation. Like don’t do anything until I mean, do something, always do something over nothing. But don’t move too fast. Before you figure out your branding, your messaging, your positioning, your you know, pillars, if that empowers you, you know, I really think that it’s important, so that you know what you’re talking about, you know, kind of like the sun to your solar system. What are you revolving around? What’s the message, what’s the core mission and vision, all that stuff that is so easy to either skip over or just, you know, write down really quick and then have it change a million times. So a lot of people I talked to are experiencing that. And we want to be able to land on something that feels so good, that sustainable, long term that resonates with your people and is consistent throughout everything you do for the long term. So anyway, obviously I could talk about that forever, it’s really fun, it’s going really well. And if you’re interested in that I’m doing one client a month. So June and July are booked up. So if this sounds like something you want, you can totally look at the sales page, and we can have a call and schedule some time out.

Anyway, moving on. So that’s that we’ve got Okay, really exciting. I should have started with this, the frickin box is open. If you don’t know the box is a container that Bill my co host and I have created to it’s a community based container. That sole, it’s the sole purpose of it is to help you creatives, entrepreneurs, coaches, finish what you started, get focused on what you actually need to be focusing on first, what’s your priority, building a box around that, and then finishing it. And we do that in a few different ways. We do that through body doubling, which has been proven to just enhance your focus and productivity in the work that you’re doing. Whether you’re creating a song, or writing a sales page, writing emails, just doing client work, doing your normal like nine to five work, whatever it is. This is the container to get you to that finish line. And it’s a community which is the best part no more going it alone because it just doesn’t work. So you can learn all about that link below. Obviously you probably have already heard about it and know about it. But now’s the time to sign up. If you want to be in, we would love to have you. It’s going to be powerful Bill is an amazing coach. And we’re going to team up to have weekly calls. Three of them are co working sessions. One of them is a boxing session where we do onboarding for new members and we do box creation, right? What’s your box? What are you trying to accomplish? And then what box do you need around it? What are the dimensions of your box? Okay, so that’s that, please come in, it will be, you know, if you’ve been listening to this, you’re probably a perfect fit for the community. So I would love to have you in there. Also, I finished a song Yesterday, super random. I haven’t even really talked about this ever. But I’ve been playing a lot of music, just for fun just for myself. And I’m incredibly, like, terrified to sing in front of people. And to put that out there. And my goal this year is to finish 10 songs, hence the box. So because of the box, I was actually motivated to finish a song someone recently said, Just give yourself 30 minutes and finish the damn thing like, Stop dragging it out and being a perfectionist. And the song is I’m like really proud of it. So that makes two completed new songs for this year out of 10. And then I want to actually like, I have a couple of friends in the space, I want to actually record the thing and put it somewhere where people can listen to it for no reason other than just finishing that and seeing what happens. Okay, so that’s that what else is there, a podcast episode is coming out? Well, depending on when you listen to this, because I probably won’t send this until tomorrow or even the next day. So a new podcast is probably out. Subtle Art of not yelling, okay, let’s stop the rambling and get to the point get to the seed. I’ll link everything you need to see below. So today, I just want to talk about movement. So it’s a pretty simple see today, you already know it, it’s nothing new. But it might be a really nice reminder for you, when things are stagnant. What can we do to move them and continue to move them so that they start moving. And then when things start moving, everything starts moving? So perfect example is I had a call with my coach, and I was working on some things and him and I have a goal, a cash flow goal that will create space and a lot of other great things for me to then create the things that I want to create in this world. And I already am but other things. So

part of that goal was I needed to move some things like things needed to be energy needed to be infused into certain things, right. And so he just gave me the challenge to reach out to my network to reach out to my people, like, friends, colleagues, people I’ve connected with in the past people I’ve done freelance work for in the past clients. And like the first person that I was connected with, is the person that I’m now partnered with, it was a frickin perfect fit. And then because of that, well not necessarily because of that, but I started moving things. And then next thing I know, I gotten like, you know, a handful of leads and two new clients for the brand box and more potential clients coming in and a lot more interest and like things are just moving. And then I’ve got other opportunities that I have to say no to, which is always challenging, just because my plateful and so it’s just extremely relevant and immediate in my life. Right now, this idea of if you need to change if you need to transition, or you’re feeling stagnant, go move some things. And one of the best ways to move things, of course, is to connect with your people tap into your relationships, not in a way, of course not in a way of like, Hey, I know it’s been a long time, but I’m looking for this can you help me like that’s a that’s a weird energy. So of course come from a place of genuine connection. actually sit with it for a second and be genuine with connecting with people. And maybe something will come out of that maybe not but at the very least you’re nurturing and fostering relationships. And one kind of tangible thing that I’ve done for this for myself. Because I’ve just seen the frickin value of relationships and all the ways is x of a list of 100 people and I don’t want it to be too much bigger than that. and these are anyone and everyone that I want to build a good healthy long term relationship with. And I have four numbers, one through four, that have different colors. And they represent the current state of the relationship. So have I talked to so and so recently, if not, maybe it’s a read, maybe it’s a one, it’s been, maybe it’s been six months. And then Okay, the other day I caught up with so and so. So they’re actually green, like, I feel really good. I know where they’re at, I know what they need. Like, if I want to connect them with someone I know what they’re looking for, and vice versa. So that has been really helpful for me in just building structure around these relationships, because you can’t, I mean, at least speaking for myself, it’s hard for me to just spontaneously, think of all the different people like people fall off your radar, you forget or you lose touch, or whatever it is. And so they’re the effort needs to be there. And part of that effort for me is having a spreadsheet that I can look at every now and then to see where my relationships are and it’s it’s really been helping so feel free to do that. If you don’t already do something like that. And go move some things if you need to. If your plates full and you’re feeling good and you’re growing and learning and have the space that you need to do the things you want. Awesome. If not go move some things and I hope this seed plants deeply into your brain soil. And I’ll talk to you next week. Check out everything below. love to have you in the box. Talk very soon. Much love.