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Marketing Blind Spots

Marketing Blind Spots

It’s crazy how many ideas come from conversations with REAL people (especially in person).

The other day, I had a long conversation with a coach I met through Instagram back in 2020. She was in the area so we got a coffee!

I actually got so focused on the convo that I forgot to actually buy a coffee! Lol…

And if she’s reading this, HI! 🙂

During our chat, I got to explore a couple of really important blind spots with her.

There are a few things in her marketing, that if fixed would likely free her up and help her achieve momentum.

Listen to today’s seed to hear what they are.

We’ll also be working through these blind spots in MEW (Marketing Ecosystem Workshop), so if you resonate with this seed, email me and let’s see if you’re a good fit.

It starts Feb 1!

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What’s up, homie? what’s poppin? What’s crack a lacking and all that jazz. It’s miles, welcome to seeds. Hope you’re having a wonderful day, not really sure why I felt compelled to start the seat off like that maybe it’s because I’m trying to be different trying to keep this fresh and unique so that your ears perk up and you say, well never heard that before, maybe I’ll listen a little more intently. But regardless, I’ve got a new seat for you. And it comes from a conversation that I had with a wonderful woman. And she’s a coach, she’s been coaching for around two years, and she has some success and things are really working for. She’s doing it full time. And she needs some help with her marketing. And there are a few things that really jumped out at me during our conversation that she needs help with. And I feel if she got those things figured out, it would make a huge difference for her business. So I want to talk about those things for two reasons. Number one, I want to give you some insight and plant a seed and give you something as always that in the next day, maybe today or in the next few days, in the next weeks or months, that seed can grow and sprout, right? As always. But also, I want to do a little bit of the keyword promotion telling you about the workshop that I have coming up. And my inspiration behind the workshop, and why the things that she brought up, are very likely happening in your business to the gaps, the blind spots, the things that she needs to figure out. And that stuff that we’re going to be covering in the marketing ecosystem workshop, aka Mew. So a few of those things are number one, this is the biggest thing that I hear just a lack of structure. She’s very feminine. She helps women’s, she helps women’s, she helps women. And it’s a very feminine approach. And it’s feminine energy that’s mostly needed. But for her business, she lacks that container. And if the feminine energy, which is beautiful, it’s chaotic, it’s powerful, it’s creative, if it’s not given a container, it’s just going to come, it’s going to fill whatever container there is, right? So there’s no container is just endless, feminine, energy going anywhere in everywhere. So it’s not focused. And typically, or at least at some point, that’s going to burn you out. Or it’s not going to be focused enough to actually get results. So that’s what she needs, she needs structure that looks like for her most likely and maybe for you a little bit more of a plan. Nothing crazy, but a plan, a system, a process that you can follow, because with structure with systems and processes done, right. They give you freedom to be creative, they give you a start and a finish. It’s sustainable. She is extremely turned off by any thing, process, anything system automation, all these things that a very masculine, heavy, logical, analytical, they can really turn her off, and maybe you can relate. So there are certain ways to put those things in place so that they actually free you up. You don’t have to spend too much time on them. And they feel really good. So that’s one that’s the first big thing, that if she puts those things in place, it can make a big difference for her energy and for her business. The next thing, and also one of the biggest things that I see, and it’s the first thing that I typically see with people is their branding. So there’s so much to be said for just simply putting some consistent colors and fonts in place for a brand. That’s the simplest but obviously there’s much more to it. But when I go to someone’s Instagram or website, and I see 10 different colors. Every post looks different. I see different fonts. I see icons and some I see pictures and some I see combination. There’s just It’s chaos. There’s no rhyme or reason.

That is harder for the brain to retain and to understand. So if you’re trying to hold a message with your brand, a clear message about what you do for And what the next step is, and my brain is overwhelmed by all these different colors, wandering, chaotic brand, I’m not going to retain the message, it’s just going to distract. So I really believe that a simple brand, something that’s, I really believe in like minimal less is typically more I like creative. Like, if you go look at my Instagram, it’s still got a lot going on in its own way. Like, it’s not just black and white, it’s not just one color two colors, like there’s some, there’s a little more than that. But I think that I found a sweet spot that feels really good for me. Where it allows me to be creative and to play, because that’s what I love doing. I love creating these in Canva. And being creative with, you know, designs. But also keep it simple enough to where people can really resonate with it understand what I’m trying to say. So all that to say, Way of the Superior brand, that is a workshop that I did last year, and I am putting it into mew into this workshop, one week is completely dedicated on putting together your superior brand so that you’re not a wandering brand that’s confused. And again, this is not just external. This is not just fonts, colors, and all that but it’s also the energy, the philosophy, the reason that you’re in business, the internal branding, all these things that are really the foundation of your brand. And they’re they’re really your North Star, too. So there’s, it’s so empowering when you have these things in place. And it allows you to connect with your people on a deeper level. Okay, so that’s the second thing. And now I’ll share the last thing, which is a little more granular, it’s probably in the same realm as the first one where she needs some masculine energy, but looking at the details, so you’re either more of a visionary person, a big picture person, or a detail-oriented, detail-oriented person. And you’re, maybe you’re on an extreme, maybe you’re on the far end of the spectrum, or you’re somewhere in the middle. But I’ve realized that I’m somewhere in the middle, so I can see big picture someday, some days. And then other days, I can be very, here’s exactly what I need to do right now in this moment today. And I can build from there. But if you’re a big picture thinker, you can miss out on the detail. Day to day things, that’s your blind spot. Or if you’re a day-to-day, detail-oriented person, you can get lost in the sauce. And you can just start doing all these little detailed things that get lost in the mix in the process. Without understanding where you’re doing it, where you’re going, and why you’re going. Big picture stuff, vision. So having structures in place and a schedule, and maybe the right people in your business to see the big stuff and the small stuff and do the right things in accordance to those because the day to day stuff is so important. If you’re not doing that you’re not going to grow. But you don’t want to go in the wrong direction. So what she needed, specifically, the thing that brought this to my attention was she was doing something and it wasn’t working. And she kind of just she wasn’t able to see, she was able to ask herself a really simple question that I that was very apparent to me. And I asked her to figure out why it wasn’t working. Because she’s so big picture. She’s on to the next she’s thinking about these big things instead of Well, let’s look at the details of what you did. And ask yourself these questions here. And I bet we can figure out our best course of action because of that. Right? So looking at the data, looking at the analytics, if people are saving and sharing and liking your posts, but they’re not signing up. They’re not paying you. Why?

What do you think is causing that? And what can we try? What can we change? Who can we talk to what questions can we ask? These are the things that if you do them, right, if you ask the right questions and put the right things in place, it can really change your business. So These are some of the blind spots that we’re going to be working through instead of mew. Ultimately, to build a sustainable marketing ecosystem, that simple, it’s ethical. So it’s not forcing people through it, there’s no bro marketing. So it feels good for you, it feels good for them. But it’s most importantly, it’s sustainable. So it’s something you can actually do for years without getting burned out and six months, 12 months down the road, you can hire a VA or hire another VA or hire a coach or hire Obion someone to help you build and grow if that’s your goal, because this is sustainable, and you have processes and structures in place to help ease fully grow. So I think we ended there. If you are interested in any of this and you feel like you’re missing some of this in your business and you want guidance and support accountability, which is a huge pillar of this workshop, the six week workshop, then go check out the page, read through it. Let it marinate and ask me any questions you have. Just shoot me an email or DM me if you have any questions and if you want to apply but there’s also an application process with like 10 questions really simple. Definitely want to make sure that I have the right people in this workshop. And that’s it for today. I will talk to you next week.

Much love.