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I want to work with you because I love your style

I want to work with you because I love your style

Welcome to the first Seed.

Some insights and reminders I had after a phone call with a creator friend.

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Intro/outro song is “Cheers” by Shakey Graves

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So I just got off a really fun phone call with a really good friend got out of debt. And we got all fired up because she’s a photographer, videographer. And you know, she’s she’s going through it just like we all are, where, you know, we’ve got challenges, and we’re navigating this whole business thing. Whether you’re business owner, and entrepreneur, freelancer, creator, whatever you call it, it’s all scary, regardless of which ever you’re doing. And so I got all excited and wanted to share some of my like, reminders and takeaways and insights from the call. And that is, when you, you’ve probably, maybe you’ve gone through this phase before, or you’re going through at some point. But when you finally realize that you don’t need to do everything, you don’t need to offer everything. So for me, it’s like, I don’t need to be the SEO guy, the website guy, the designer, the technical, the paid ads, the because digital marketing, all that is just, there’s so many different angles to it. And the beginning, I used to offer everything. And I would say yes to everything. And I would kind of as she put it binned myself almost like outside of my realm. And at the beginning, sometimes that’s okay, because maybe you don’t really know what you want to do yet. So you go try it. And then you realize, Wow, I love this thing. I don’t love that thing. And so you slowly hone in on what you love to do. And you focus only on that. And then what you can do with people that come to you with something that’s outside of your realm. And this can be hard for you depending on your financial situation, where you are, what your business is, you can actually send them to someone else. And so that’s why we connected. And it’s such a great feeling when you finally realize you don’t need to say yes to everyone. So over the next few months, and moving into 2022, I challenge you to say yes to the things that you love to do, and say no to everything else. If it feels right, invite you to do that. This allows you to not chase you’re not convincing anyone. You’re just doing what you love. You’re putting your work out there, you’re connecting and building relationships with people. And then people are gonna come to you and they’re gonna see for example for her, they love her style. You go look at her Instagram it’s a very unique style that she’s, she’s like honed in on she really loves. It’s not all these different styles and you know, weddings and you know pregnancy photos and couple photos and nature and sports. It’s not like all these different styles, black and white color. So on and so forth. She has honed in on her style that is fun for her, she’s good at it, she’s she loves it, it’s sustainable, energizes her and people are now reaching out to her and saying, I want to work with you because I love your style. Now when you can have people do that. It is and we were like celebrating this together because it is one of the best feelings ever. It’s so validating because you’re putting your heart out there. And someone literally wants to work with you because of that because of your heart that you use something you created. It’s an extension of you and someone wants to choose you over all the other people out there because of your specific style or philosophy or message.

That is an amazing feeling. I just wanted to share that with you. Let’s see if I have anything else here. Um, yeah, there’s times we also kind of talked about that. There’s times when,

you know, I was giving her and she was giving me all these, we were hyping each other up, we were being each other’s hype person. Your photos are so awesome, your videos are sick, they’re getting so much better over the past three months, it’s exponential. And then she gives me a bunch of compliments. And I realized and I shared this with her like, there are days when I’m literally like, What the frick am I doing? And there’s days where I’m like, I know exactly what I’m doing. I’m on top of the world. This is awesome. Let’s go. And she has the same experience. And when I gave her some compliments about her work and how awesome it is, I was like, Yeah, I honestly felt like I didn’t even need to tell you because I feel like you know it. Like you? How could you not think that that work is so incredibly awesome and unique. And she didn’t, she doesn’t necessarily know that. And every Sunday she does Sunday, she does. Weird being a human is weird. And so me telling that to her was she was like, thank you so much I really need need that like often we we often need that reminder from people. And so my takeaway was ride the wave, you’re gonna have days where you’re completely lost. But then you’re also gonna have the other days, it’s just like the weather, you can have some rainy days. And I think all you can do is show up and believe in yourself and keep putting work out there. And then having people in your corner like her for me and other people for me, that, that support me and give me these little, like energy boosts. It’s like, if you’re going if you’re in Mario Kart, and you hit one of those stars, and you, you get all big and you start going all fast, it’s like that’s, that’s what happens. And that’s what happens when someone gives you these little praises or compliments or testimonials, or whatever it is. And it’s just a funny concept that you know, let’s take her as an example. You know, maybe she’s questioning what she’s doing. And she thinks that she completely sucks. And she hates her work. Meanwhile, simultaneously, there could be any number of people out there that are like, holy shit. This girl is incredible. I can’t even imagine being that good. And I can’t wait to work with her. Or I can’t wait to tell everyone about her and send people her way. Like those realities can both be happening at the same time. And that’s so fascinating to me. And I think if we know that to be true, we recognize that reality, then we can ride the wave, we could surf instead of letting it slam us down into the, into the mud. All right. So that is today’s audio. The time of recording this, it is actually what is today, it’s Wednesday night. So I literally just sent the tiny Training Tuesday yesterday. So I have not come up with a name yet. I’ve gotten some ideas from people. So I appreciate that. Nothing feels quite right yet, so I’m not gonna rush it. And then I have also announced the Canva content membership. And I’m really excited about it. There’s also a lot of questions about it. And I’ll tell you right now that I want it to be community driven. So by its nature, it is going to be a little more unclear and unflexible at the beginning. Because I can do a bunch of different things. I can create certain designs and content ideas and do all these things that I’m going to do every single week inside of this membership. But I really want it to be led by the community, the Facebook group, people saying, Hey, can you do so and so, content template and Canva for my instagram or so on and so forth. And that way it evolves in the right direction.

So I’m really excited about that. I’m going to update the landing page and do some more promotions on Instagram. So like, explain it a little bit more, because it is kind of confusing. And since it’s so new, I’m still working through how to clearly communicate it. So any questions that you have about it, I’m going to link it below. Any questions that you still have about it after reading the page, email me, or DM me, because it’s going to help me so much in clarifying this thing, because I really, I’m excited about it. And I’m getting a lot of people reaching out saying, This is awesome. I have so many people that I’m going to send your way to sign up for this. And here’s a question I have about it. And every question I get helps me so much. So send me your questions. Sign up if it feels right. We’d love to have you. The first 10 people gets $10 off of their first month. And yeah, I hope you have a wonderful week. Happy Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving for me is tomorrow, but for you. It was last week. So I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving time travels weird, isn’t it? And I hope that you got to see family, hopefully in person but also over zoom or over the phone is also great. You got to be grateful for all of it. You’re staying safe and healthy and happy. And that’s it. I’ll talk to you next week.

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