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I dare you to go get no results

I dare you to go get no results

I’ve got a bit of a challenge for you.

Something that could make a big change, if you take it seriously.

Especially if you struggle with consistency…

Especially if you get super unmotivated 7 days into a challenge…

Especially if you have shiny object syndrom…

Like me…

We have a bad relationship with the word “mistake.”

Don’t make mistakes.

Don’t make the same mistake twice.

Avoid stupid mistakes.

Mistakes are bad!

And so on.

But what if we’re thinking about it all wrong…

Let’s explore.

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Hey, welcome to see how you doing today? How about that? That little musical intro by shakey graves, my good pal? I wish Isn’t he great? He’s my favorite artists, usually, by now, I think, unless you’re new here, which in that case, welcome. It’s great to have you. And welcome to seeds I want to get right into today’s seed, SpaceX, Elon Musk’s company, SpaceX, they’re trying to get to Mars, they’re trying to build rockets that will make that journey comfortable for humans, make it very repeatable, so we can get enough humans there. And all this applies and actually set up there and live like, it’s a pretty big task, okay, probably a little bit bigger than your day to day. But we could take some really good seeds from it some lessons. And one of them is that I heard recently that each time they launch a rocket, they collect 1000s and 1000s of data points that tell them how to improve on all different fronts. And so each time they’re launching, they’re improving by I’m just gonna throw this out there, they’re improving tenfold. That’s probably, I mean, I just pulled it off in there, but you get my point, they’re able to see their mistakes on paper, so to speak, like they’re able to point at, alright, this is inefficient, this thing broke this thing didn’t work, whatever it is, and scaling that all the way down to you and your business. For example. If you’re just getting started, you probably don’t really need to worry about collecting a whole lot of data. But what we can do is we can look out for the mistakes that we make. And a great way I heard this phrase recently, instead of like, never make the same mistake twice. Instead, I think it should be go make new mistakes. Because we have this really bad relationship with mistakes. But mistakes are one of the best things that can happen to us as a really, as a human, but also as an entrepreneur, business owner, because we can look at the lessons, and there’s no pure form of whatever that lesson is, then going and actively making that mistake. And being able to hold it, touch it, feel it and get closer to a winning formula or product, right? Go make new mistakes. And that leads into like, why don’t we like mistakes, we have this emotional attachment to mistakes, like, it’s hard, it’s for some of us, it’s more, you know, some of us can go out there and we can make a bunch of mistakes. And we’ll just keep going. If we just like fall down and get back up. We don’t really have like an emotional attachment. We’re not sensitive to that. And that’s awesome. I’m definitely not that way. And so I think our challenge should be to, to not to be unemotional, because that’s, that’s like kind of an impossible ask, but to be as unemotional as you can not let that affect you. So one exercise that I’ve been trying to do and I welcome you into is Go, go get no results. Like go do something that you haven’t done before, or do it in a way that you haven’t done before. And almost aim, like have full expectations to put all this time and energy into something and really commit and give it long enough give it a minimum of 30 days

and expect no results. Not a single result. So you know if you’re trying to like get a new client or

subscribe subscribers and so you pick a strategy that you want to implement, and be totally over Okay, with at the end of that, at the end of the sprint at the end of the challenge, you didn’t get any results. And you’re fine with that you’ve handled the emotions that tells you Okay, great, you’re kind of strengthening that muscle muscle so that you can repeat that. But if you didn’t get results, you did get results. Right, because obviously, some things worked. And some things didn’t. Like when I did reals for 45 days, I learned. I learned a lot. And I talked about that recently. But the biggest things I learned was the type of content that I wanted to create that was going to be sustainable, like, there’s content that I really didn’t enjoy making, it was really hard and tedious. And then there’s this plethora of content that I already have from the podcasts, I wouldn’t have gotten there in the way that I did, if I didn’t do this reels challenge. And I also realized other types of reels that are fairly sustainable, that got a lot more attention a lot more engagement, I learned that humor draws in the most engagement for me, which I love, I love implementing humor. The other day, I tweeted that humor is my favorite marketing strategy. And a lot of that came from just doing real, it’s fun, I saw I got to sink into a little bit and have fun. So I did it. At the end of the 45 days, I could look back. And by the way, throughout the 45 days, I was always eager to kind of look at my results and like, look at all the data, just keep chugging along every day, just focus on that day and don’t look at anything until the end of it. It’s like with the podcast that Bill and I are doing. I’m doing everything in my power not to look at the analytics for as long as possible because not doing it for the numbers. And all that that’s probably going to do is deflate me a little bit like all we’re putting all this time and energy into it and only X amount of people are seeing it that’s you know, but that is inevitable. We don’t have like huge followings an email. So we’re really starting from scratch and a lot of ways. So what do we expect, right? Even if it’s the best podcast ever, you know, you got to market it, you got to put it out there, you got to be consistent, you got to get past those first few stages. So we have go make new mistakes, actively try to make mistakes. The second point is to be as unemotional and I should say unattached and affected by getting no results. In fact, you should go try to get zero results with something, but not something like a week, or a few days, or even three weeks. Give it a month at the minimum. I mean, honestly, depending on what you’re doing, you’re probably gonna need to give it like two months to give it a fair go. And then be cool with getting no results from that. So give you a lot. So let those sink in. And have a wonderful, wonderful, beautiful day. And remember to smile because smiling. One time I was in Bali, I haven’t told you this already. But I was in Bali, and I was having a really bad day. In the morning. I know that sounds funny. But because like you’re in Bali, chill out. But I was having a hard start to the day emotionally. And I hopped on my scooter to go to like a coffee shop or something. And I just decided to try to force myself to smile like some part deep inside of me. Just forced myself to smile just a little bit at the at the next person that passed to me. And they smiled back and we like shared and have this amazing moment I got the chills, my eyes started watering and I just kept the smile going the rest of the trip and it was like one of the most blissful moments I’ve ever had. And I’ll never forget it. And ever since then I’m like, I want to read a book about smiling. Like I want to study smiling, and like hear people’s stories around smiling and how it’s changed their lives or whatever. Anyway, I digress. And I leave you with that reminder to smile, because it could just change your life.