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Feeling unmotivated?

Feeling unmotivated?

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Hey, how’s it going? Welcome to seeds. So I’m in Denver, Colorado, and I’m walking to my fate one of my favorite spots, nurture. And it’s cold man, I wasn’t ready for this. I thought it might be cold, but it was a lot colder than I thought it was gonna be. It’s gonna be some background noises. Fair warning. So little personal update, I came to came to Denver to surprise a friend for her birthday. And just to see some friends and I hadn’t been in like six months. So it was time to come back. And I posted on Instagram, if you follow me on Instagram, I said, I’m going on last second trip to New York, which was all part of the deception to keep her completely oblivious. So I got to surprise her, knocked on her door, gave her some flowers, she freaked out, it was great, great times, I highly recommend flying to other states to surprise friends, because it’s a really good feeling. But you know, it’s a little bit of a commitment. So today, on my little stroll to nurture, I wanted to reflect on a conversation I just had with a good friend. I’ve been connecting with a lot of people while I’ve been here. And one of them is a photographer, my last seed was with a photographer, as well as regarding a conversation I had about the creative process and confidence in believing that your work is good, and moving through all that. And this one was of a different photographer, kind of in the same vein. And my takeaways were this. First of all, if you’re a coach, you have a business, you’re doing marketing and the kind the creative process is it’s part of your process, right? I mean, I don’t think there’s anyone listening to this, it’s not going to have a creative process, it’s not going to struggle with putting themselves and putting their work out there. That’s not going to struggle with staying consistent. I mean, these are like the biggest things that I’ve come up against, in owning a business. And so we talked about there’s kind of a spectrum, there’s people, everyone’s different when they’re born. And when they go through different things. There’s a spectrum. And for some people, they just don’t really care, like one end of the spectrum is they don’t care. They either know that there’s stuff sucks at first, and they put it out anyway. Or they’re completely oblivious that it’s and they continue to put it out thinking it’s good. But regardless, they move forward, which is awesome. And on the other end of the spectrum are people like me, where we’re more perfectionist, and we’re maybe not as confident in ourselves in our work to put it out there and have it be judged. Or, you know, picked apart, sifted through for holes, so on and so forth. These really intimate things that can happen to our work that are hard to handle sometimes, but inevitable, and essential for growth. So, on this spectrum, I think it’s good to know where you are right now. And you can look back at your journey this far and see,

you know, have you moved from maybe the end that I was on, where you’re scared to put your work out, and you’re a perfectionist more towards, okay,

I know that my stuffs not going to be, you know, the best at whatever stage but I’m going to put out anyway because I know this is part of the process. And I’ve definitely moved really far. I’ve come a long way. And the only way that I’ve gotten to where I am now, and I’ve made forward movement and momentum and grown and gotten to a place where I know that my work is good. And maybe it doesn’t resonate with everyone. And maybe some people still pick holes in it, because I’m not perfect, but I know that it’s good. I know that it is true, it’s real, it helps people. I’m confident in that the only way that I got there, which has been a long journey is through doing. And we have 2022 coming up the new year, and there’s a lot of talk, there’s a lot of planning, and that’s really important to do. But I can’t help but feel like, Ah, I’m over that I’m over the plan, I’m over the talking, I’m just gonna do. And so I really want to stress that, you know, if you need a push towards doing, then the only way to do it is to do it sucks. But it’s also really simple. And I have multiple people in my life who are creatives, coaches, entrepreneurs, and they’re behind, you know, they’re stuck. In fact, here’s a cool story. The other day, one of my friends was, we were kind of going through each other’s day and talking about it, and she grabbed four glasses, and put them on the table, empty glasses. And then we ended up going around. And each glass was a different category. So for example, self care, friends, work, and, you know, romance, or intimacy. And we filled them up, based on how full we felt our cup was for that category. And it was a really cool exercise, and reflection. And pretty much everyone their friends was really full, and their work was really low. And it’s awesome, that the friend cup is full. And it’s interesting. You know, with work. I felt this a lot of with a lot of people I feel this energy of, I just don’t actually heard someone say this, I just can’t get motivated. And I can relate so much. When you get you know, when you get behind, you get overwhelmed with your work. And then you have other stressors that just like compound it. So you have finance, stress, relational relationship, stress, just chores and the human stuff in life can add a lot of stress. It’s, it can be really challenging. But I will say that you don’t, I really don’t think that you find motivation. You’ve probably heard this before I’ve read it in many books, even Pressfield. The War of Art is a really good book around this topic. You don’t wait for inspiration, you don’t wait for motivation. You just have to do it. You have to put the pen to paper or whatever it is. And then hopefully, you get motivated and then inspired. And then you’re off to the races. And sometimes you’ll have spontaneous hits of inspiration. And if you’re in the right place, and you have the right systems and you have the right space, you can then jump on that train and ride that wave. Now I’m just mixing analogies. It’s totally where my brain is at right now. It’s so cold, I can’t feel my hands. And it’s hard to talk. But here we go. And the other thing that I’ve been figuring out on this journey, in the same vein, with the creative process, and with getting into momentum, which I think is so important, I think you know what I’m talking about when you’re in that momentum, you’re ahead of the game, you’re creative, you’re having ideas, and it’s really enjoyable. And I think that the path to that is, as Steven Pressfield says in his book,

Turning Pro is to turn pro. And what does that mean? That means taking yourself seriously taking your work seriously. And the difference between someone who shows up? The difference between a pro and an amateur is someone who shows up even when they don’t feel like it. Because if you’re if you’re professional, right? You’re gonna have bad days, you’re gonna have days where you just want nothing more than two. Stay in bed. But if you’re a professional, you don’t, you can’t. So you get up anyway. And I think that’s the big differentiator.

And there’s an interesting interesting avenue, we could go down to talk about, you know, forcing yourself. Actually, I don’t even want to go down that route. I think that that is the difference between being an amateur and pro, because someone that

continually doesn’t show up because they don’t feel like it, they’re never going to get any momentum, they’re not going to be taken seriously, they’re not going to take themselves seriously. And most things that are good in life take a lot longer than we think. Or that’s not true. They they take time, I should say. Because there’s also this idea that we underestimate what we can do in the short term and overestimate what we can do in the long term. And I think that just goes to show how, how much we love to avoid consistency, because you could do a lot in 30 days if you’re consistent. And 30 days is not that long. But a lot of us can’t stay consistent with something. So and one other thought around consistency is that it’s not the same as frequency. So just to remind you, and to remind myself, because I’m always reminded of this consistency, might be showing up once a week, for a long period of time. Not necessarily okay after show up every single day. And also consistency with your message and your brand is really, really important. So if you’re consistent, but in a frequency with your frequency. So you’re showing up every single day doing something like writing an article or something. But your messages all over the place, there’s really no Northstar, you’re not headed in any sort of direction, you’re not asking people to do anything, you’re just kind of like jumping all over the place, they’re just gonna confuse people, it’s not going to do what it’s intended to do. So make sure that you’re consistent with whatever frequency you choose with, with whatever medium you choose with your branding. Just simply like your colors and imagery, make sure it’s simple and consistent. And with your message, and who you’re talking to make sure that your quote you in quote, makes sense and is consistent meaning when you say you, like you struggle with XYZ and, and you are the type of person that likes XYZ. That’s the people that you’re talking to. That’s the you make sure that that is consistent. Because if you’re changing who you’re talking to all the time, then they’re just gonna be confused. Is this for me? Oh, no. All right. So I hope that that lands, you know, this is a seat, so maybe it didn’t, and that’s totally fine. But I think there’s some ideas in there, that even if you already know of them, you’re hopefully reminded of how how important they are. Alright, so that concludes today’s seed. And we’re headed into 2022 How crazy is that? I hope that you have time and space scheduled into your calendar and time for family and friends and the stuff that really matters. The reason why we do this whole business thing. You know, it’s, it’s bigger than us, usually. And I’ve got some really exciting things that I’m working on, focusing a lot on client work, staying on top of that, so that I can then have space and time to do stuff like this and to think and to be creative with my branding and really going through as I tend to do at the end of the year. And just you know, few times a year reorganizing. Where can I simplify? Where can I make things more efficient? Where can I reduce like overhead and trim the fat so to speak, because, I mean, I’m a minimalist, and there’s no better feeling than having been doing a few things really well instead of doing a lot of different things poorly or average. So I will keep you updated. I will talk to you next week. During the next seed. We’ve got the Canva content membership, shaping up and coming together you can join the waitlist for that. Probably going to launch that next year, early next year to the people that are on the waitlist and then I have the marketing ecosystem workshop, which is going To start early next year, you can apply to that. And learn about that on the landing page, which will be on this page. So, with that, have a beautiful week. Remember to breathe and smile and be grateful for all the things that you have said stay consistent and take yourself and your work seriously. And I’ll talk to you next week. All right, bye.

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