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Imagine listening to a story with no contrast.


A good story has contrast.

Amazing things happen with contrast.

In all areas of life.

The contrast between low energy at 5 am and full body shock via a cold shower creates energy and often happiness.

Getting uncomfortable creates growth and bliss. This is done through contrast.

From stagnation to movement.

From shy to social.

Fasting is one of the most powerful health practices. Distance between eating and not eating exists.

When listening to someone speak, contrast grabs our attention.

“He was minding his business when all the sudden the ground be within began to shift.”

Our ears perk up. Our brains turn on.

Our interest is peaked.

We open up and engage.

This allows for information absorption and retention.

To apply this to your brand:

🌱 Make sure your message has contrast.

The distance between problem and problem solved needs to be big enough.

Tell stories and create content that has plenty of contrast.

When designing your brand and content, add contrast.

An all white website with white or grey buttons is more work to Navigate.

Add a pop of color.

Don’t create content with blue on another shade of blue. Or a light grey font on top of a white background.

Create color contrast.

Use contrast.

It’s good storytelling. It’s good marketing. It’s good branding.

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