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You’re doing stuff half-ass…

Or you’re not seeing results so you stop.

Or…you’re not doing them at all.

If you feel you need to figure it all out before starting, I challenge you to start before you have complete clarity.

You’ll learn so much more from taking action than planning and overthinking.

At the end of this seed, I share with you a new product that Bill and I are playing with.

Check out The Box.

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I’m so inspired every time I get off of a podcast episode, Bill and I just talked to another guest. Not going to tell you who because I want to try to I know I said on the last one who it was before it’s been released. So I want to keep things mysterious from here on out. But it was an amazing conversation with a guy who is, he’s done so many different things. And the through line, and the thing that we talked about a lot is this concept of, like, he’s really consistent with in certain areas, like he’s made a lot of progress, he’s done a lot of different things. And the thing I’m getting at here, hang with me, I promise, we’re gonna land. This concept of not knowing exactly where you’re going, and being unclear, not having certainty. But doing it anyway. Because if you’re anything like me, I have been often an overthinker, in my head, and over planner, and I have to understand exactly where I’m going. Exactly, you know exactly how I’m gonna get there. Here’s the exact formula that I’m gonna continue to follow consistently until I get there. And I could feel good about it. Because all my energy, I know, is going in the right direction. That’s BS, it just doesn’t work like that. We’re not machines, we’re humans, we will never fully understand how we’re going to get there until we get there. And it’s usually you look back at the journey, and you’re like, well didn’t 10 think that was the, the path to get there. Right. So the big message that I want to leave you with today is the most important part of your business is taking action. I mean, obviously, you don’t want to take the wrong action, and waste your time. But you can only get so far, you can only know so much. If you’re doing the right action or not, like at some point, you just got to do something, you got to try it. And you probably have a pretty damn good idea of what that those actions are. And you’re either doing them half ass, or you’re stopping because you’re not seeing results, or you’re not doing them at all. And so my push my challenge for you, is to let go of clarity, a little bit let go of certainty, because it’s all made up anyway. Like, there’s plenty of people that have gotten really, really far, like on accident, but they did a bunch of stuff. They did something. So I can’t stress enough how important it is. That if you’re feeling like you need to figure it all out, before you take action. I challenge you to throw that thinking away. And just take action. And I promise you if you just sit I’m a big believer in just straight up thinking time time, where it’s just you, and a pad or digital pad. And you just think 510 minutes, what do I want to do? Where do I want to go? What am I doing with my business? What challenge Am I facing? And if you sit with it long enough, even just for five minutes, you’ll figure it out. Like you’ll have so much clarity on the next step. And then just do that. You know, you’re you’re more powerful than you think. So you typically have all the answers within you. It’s just getting out of your own way.

Which beautifully leads me into something I want to introduce you to Bill and I have been tinkering with. It’s a potential product, and it is called the box. It accidentally came out of our episode that we did on the subtle art of not yelling, called Is it art if nobody hears it? And towards the end we we kind of created this idea of the box and the box is it’s a container. So we have, you know, you’re creative, you have a lot of creative energy, and you’re doing things either as a coach or entrepreneur or creator or anything in life, right. And if you don’t have this masculine container around that creative energy with a, you know, a finish line in mind, and intention and focus moving forward, then it’s going, that energy is just going to run wild and never come back. Right. So, in the box, you’ll finish what you started, it’s a workshop for creatives is an ongoing thing, it’s not a program, it’s not a mastermind, our course it’s not a three week, it’s not a three month, anything. All it is, it’s stupidly simple. It’s stupid, simple. And that’s how I want it to be because when I’ve been a part of anything like this, simple is what works, the main pieces are the accountability, the support and feedback, the community. That’s it. So it’s either going to be weekly, or bi weekly, live sessions, kind of like coaching in the group with Bill and I to help create a box for you. And then keep pushing you along the journey to the finish line. So you can say, I finished so you finish what you’re starting this could be writing music, writing an album writing a song, creating a piece of art, creating an NFT obviously, could also be getting a client getting five clients, creating a workshop creating a an offer of any kind, there’s a lot of different things, it’s whatever you want, a box can be created around it. So that’s what it is. Learn more at the box workshop.com. I kind of lay it all out there. But it’s still a pretty short page. It is in the sprouting phase, I would say. So the seed was planted a few weeks ago, or maybe a month ago now. And we’ve kind of just been like, marinating on it. We’ve been playing with it with ourselves. So every week Bill and I meet and create a box for each other and continue to support each other in that box. So I’ll let you know what that is in the future and what comes out of it. But learn more at the box workshop.com You can sign up for the waitlist there. And in the next I don’t know maybe few weeks or month, we’re going to launch the first kind of beta version with a small group of people. So if you have any interest in that, sign up for the waitlist and I’ll let you know when that’s live. Otherwise have a beautiful day.