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Are you willing to fight for it?

Are you willing to fight for it?

Stories are powerful.

A good story pulls you in like nothing else.

Does your brand have a story?

Does your brand pull people in?

Or does it blend in?

Today I’m sharing with you a super powerful question and then how the answer can shape your brand story.

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Hey, it’s miles, and welcome to see

I’m driving to Trader Joe’s. So I have about three to four minutes left. And today see it’s going to be that short. So here we go.

The other day, a good friend asked me, or shared with me rather a question that he asks himself, which is, am I willing to fight for this? It’s a great question to ask yourself, when you’re questioning something’s role in your life, you know, a job or a business or relationship?

Am I willing to fight for this? And that really got me thinking it’s such a freakin powerful question. And it’s obviously, you know, it can be kind of intense, if it’s something

you know, it might feel silly, depending on what you’re asking,

depending on the topic, right?

But I want to point this question at your yes, your business but and your brand, but more importantly, your message, like the thing, the reason that your business exists,

no matter how grand and innovative or

simple, and kind of trivial and just, you got a problem and you solve it, you know, it doesn’t matter where you fall, where your business falls on that spectrum, we need a message, we need a reason for existing, we need

a direction that we’re headed. And that’s what a strong, thriving brand

has created.


when you ask this question,

it really leads me to another question, which if the answer is yes, like, I’m willing to fight for my message, I’m willing to

I’m willing to deal with the crickets or deal with the silence and deal with months or weeks of no clients, because I believe in my message.

That’s really what this amounts to is, are you willing to fight? Financing look different for everyone, but I think we can all relate that there have been moments or there are moments still, where we

doing a lot of work, and we’re just oh my God, when is it ever gonna, you know, go my way, when am I gonna get clients? When am I gonna be able to create what I want with this business or whatever it may be, can be exhausting.

And it’s testing you, I think it’s really think that it’s testing you and are you willing to stay in it and fight for it. And that doesn’t mean just doing the same thing over and over again, and I talked about this recently on a on a pod, or on a previous seed, this idea of things just take longer than we typically budget for.

And so stick with it, it’s not gonna happen in your first month or two or three, hell it might not happen in the way you want it to in the first year or two or three, even you got to stick with it, you got to change you have to evolve. So are you willing to fight for it, if you’re not willing to fight for it, then move on.

It’s not worth it. If you are willing to fight for it, or some version of it, figure out what that is. Move into that field that embody that, because that’s the sustainable energy that we need to move through all the ebbs and flows of this journey.

This leads me to your brand story now.


your people tell your website visitors your email subscribers,

maybe not literally. But tell them a story about why you’re willing to fight for it. This doesn’t mean

I you know, my name is

My name is Miles and I started brand brand thrive because I believe that it’s not about you. I’m not talking about that kind of story. I’m talking about a journey from A to B or from A to Z whatever it is a linear

flow that someone can easily follow because the brain gets lost if there’s not story.

Right, we can tell stories we can also use facts and stats and

other components within that to support it but tell a story.

So an idea that I’m

Hang with,

for brand thrive is like I believe that

I see so many brands out there, and I’ve lived it myself wondering, that’s why my, my new hashtag is No more wandering brands because it’s a shitty feeling you don’t ever get anywhere, it’s a lot of wasted energy, it’s not sustainable. So I’m trying to build and create thriving brands.

And so I’m going to tell a story

of, you know, two or three different fictional brands.

One of them, you know, one of them has it right up to a certain point, but then loses people at this point. You know, the next one has it, right? gets people to the to their website, but then loses them because of a lack of branding,

or messaging. And then, finally, brand number three, is a thriving brand, right? They’re not wandering, they’ve gotten all these components, right. And someone can easily flow into their ecosystem into the brand, understand who they are, what they’re doing, how they can help them and they become a part of it, because that’s what we want. That’s a thriving brand. So tell the story, figure out think over the next week, like don’t try to write it down right now. But think about what makes your brand story

and how can you create that

on top of

your social your email sequences, your website.

And even when you’re communicating with people when you’re on a phone call or something.

And when you’re working with clients, these these stories that we can go back to are so much better than, like just random,


pieces of communication. Anyway. Okay, I’m not sure Joe’s I’m gonna go get some groceries. I hope this resonates with you. Let this seed plant deeply into your brain soil.

And I will talk to you next week. Please reach out to me. I do this

mostly to build relationships with people and to share my thoughts with anyone who freakin cares. So I would definitely love to hear from you shoot me an email. Let me know why you enjoy these seeds if you do, and let me know what you’re interested in. What’s something that I could? Maybe maybe the direction I could go that you’re interested in?

Check out the podcast check out the new offerings and enjoy your frickin day. You’re awesome. Thanks for being a subscriber.

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