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All I do is…

All I do is...

Can you finish the sentence… “All I do is…”

While it may sound like you’re downplaying what you do, I’d argue that when you can finish this sentence, you’ve got something big.

Focus. Clarity. Purpose.

The other day, Bill and I interviewed Ryan Estes on our pod. (his ep comes out tomorrow).

He really got me thinking.

When what you do is complex and confusing, you can’t help anyone.

When what you do is simple and clear, you change the world.

It was one of my favorite interviews. I learned a lot.

This is one of the biggest blind spots businesses have. Listen to today’s 6 minute seed, integrate it, and make the change.

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Welcome to seeds and Happy Tuesday. Hope you’re doing well. I hope you made it through the holidays. And the new year. If you did, if you’re listening to this, and obviously you did.

So I’m going to get right into today’s seed. I just got off a podcast interview for our podcast bill and my podcast, the subtle art of not yelling. And we interviewed Ryan Estus, who I’ve known for a while, and he’s like, one would say, like the king of podcasts, and he’s just been doing it for so long. He’s really good at it. He has a agency called Kitt caster, where he books people on podcasts. And one of the biggest things that I was reminded during this conversation, which I highly recommend you listen to it when it comes out, which will probably be in a couple of weeks. He has incredible simplicity around what he does. And it was so refreshing. And at one point, he even said, We book people on podcasts. That’s all. That’s all we do. And I think if we can get to a point in our businesses where we say, that’s all we do, then we found something special. And I know that sounds silly, because it’s almost like degrading, like, oh, that’s all we do. But no, it’s exactly the opposite. And we talked about this, if you are focused on one thing, then you can do it really well. And you can iterate and evolve, and you can get better and better. And you can become known for that one thing. And when you’re especially when you’re he said when you’re a younger business, the referral. referral business is so important. For so many reasons, right? You haven’t quite figured out like, you know, paid advertising and scaling. And, you know, don’t maybe you don’t have a huge audience and all your funnels aren’t perfect and whatnot. So providing an awesome service or product for someone, and then having them go tell other people potentially 10s of people that’s going to fuel your business while you get off the ground while you gather momentum so that you can do the other stuff. And when you have such simplicity around your product, then it’s easy for them to go tell others about you. Ryan s, this is the podcast guy. He’s the guy I send. I’ve seen so many people to him, because I trust him. He’s been doing it for a long time. He’s the best. Right? And he is the podcast, podcast guy. He’s not the podcast, website, SEO, PR. Insurance Guy. Like he’s just, he does one thing really well. And, you know, obviously, like, I booked people on podcast, Isn’t that romantic? And first of all, it doesn’t have to be because the people that want to be on podcasts, they understand what he does. It’s simple. Doesn’t have to be romantic. But to add one layer of romance to it. When we talked about like his bigger purpose and passion, and it’s really incredible what he’s doing. He starts conversations and conversations are arguably the most important part of our society and humanity and honestly, our survival. You know, we talked about some really interesting things about the state of the world. And the potential threats and dangers that we’re moving towards with all these crazy new technologies. And conversations are a way to build trust and understanding and education. And when we have these conversations happening through podcasts, which is what he does, then the ripple effect is tremendous. Right? So it’s a really cool purpose and mission that he has. It’s all just wrapped up. So, so. So simply, it’s just we book people on on podcasts. And he believes in conversations. That’s beautiful. I get it. So what I challenge you to do, and what I’m going to continue to work on in 2022 is to find my that’s all we do. Right? It doesn’t mean you have to literally do one thing, although if you’re not in if you’re not getting a lot of momentum, that’s probably the best place to start is just cut all the fat. Focus on one thing. focus most of on one thing, do it really well for long enough. And then once you have that, you can always add stuff in and find a way to weave things in that, that benefit them.

benefit your people serve your people deeper. But when you start off with 10, different offerings and offer, you know, doing so many different things for so many different people, it’s just gonna be confusing. And you already know that but hearing it again, and hopefully with a little different point of view and context. I’m hoping that serves as a reminder of how important it is. And give it the attention that that needs. So that you can get into momentum with your business feel really freakin good about what’s in your Instagram bio, and what you tell people that you do. All right, have a wonderful rest of your week. And email me what you do. If you already have it figured out of what you do. And it’s simple. Email me, I want to hear it because I’m building a lot of relationships. It’s a really important part of business and I want people to connect people with, I want to know what you do so I can send people to you, or vice versa. So let me know what you do. And have a beautiful week, and I’ll talk to you next week. Bye