Movement In Your Biz + Updates

When things are stagnant, what can we do to create some movement? How to we create movement that creates more movement (aka momentum)? This is everything in business. Especially for those of us who need to be super picky about where we place our energy and attention (introverts). I recently experienced some ‘post rebrand stagnation’. […]

Are you willing to fight for it?

Stories are powerful. A good story pulls you in like nothing else. Does your brand have a story? Does your brand pull people in? Or does it blend in? Today I’m sharing with you a super powerful question and then how the answer can shape your brand story. → If you have a wandering brand, […]

Design vs. Strategy

Brand Design vs. Brand Strategy Brand design: is a part of brand strategy that dictates how the brand is perceived visually. Design is often made up of things like colors, fonts, shapes, styles, and a logo. It’s how your brand communicates with the world visually. I love summing it up like this, “Brand design communicates […]

This sh** isn’t easy

What a time to be alive huh? We’re so lucky… Yeah, things can be hard, unfair, and shi**y sometimes. But, we have SO much control over our own livelihood and happiness. And we have all the tools we need to build our own wealth. Our own brand. But…I don’t think there is enough dialogue around […]


Imagine listening to a story with no contrast. Boring. A good story has contrast. Amazing things happen with contrast. In all areas of life. The contrast between low energy at 5 am and full body shock via a cold shower creates energy and often happiness. Getting uncomfortable creates growth and bliss. This is done through […]

Compound Brand Interest

I loved this idea so much that I wrote an article about it. So I would suggest listening to the seed audio, then checking out the article for some visuals. Unthinkable with Jay Acunzo (podcast I mentioned) ROI of a Brandkit (article) Work with me to build a brandkit


You want to do what you love. To do so, you need space. To create space, you need cashflow. To create cashflow, you need focus. To create focus, avoid distraction, and get support. What one thing is most likely to generate cashflow for you in the next 90 days if you went all in and […]

Consistently inconsistent

If you look forward to my seeds every week, then you noticed something was missing last week. I’m proud to say, I didn’t send one. And sorry about that… But it really got me thinking. Because here’s the thing, I recorded 3 seeds last week and shared zero of them with you. Why? I’m a […]

I dare you to go get no results

I’ve got a bit of a challenge for you. Something that could make a big change, if you take it seriously. Especially if you struggle with consistency… Especially if you get super unmotivated 7 days into a challenge… Especially if you have shiny object syndrom… Like me… We have a bad relationship with the word […]

The Dark Playground

This weeks Seed was mostly inspired by this podcast episode: Tim Urban: Elon Musk, Neuralink, AI, Aliens, and the Future of Humanity | Lex Fridman Podcast #264 It’s one of my favorite podcast episodes and wish everyone would listen to it. Specifically, the last 20 or so minutes where they talk about procrastination, creative work, […]