What I’m currently working on and excited about (Instead of a boring about page). I try to update this monthly. Feel free to emulate Derek Silvers.

2024 Goal – Work with 6 awesome brands to help them build thriving brand ecosystems (Strategy, ID, Web ecosystems).

🎙️ Having fun recording new episodes for our podcast – The Subtle Art of Not Yelling:

Your Weekly Creative Companion helping you master the inner game, finish what you start, ship your work, and build a brand without yelling; because it’s not the thunder that grows flowers, but the rain.

📦 Running and growing The Box. A container for your creative & entrepreneurial energy. We meet twice a week and get a sh*t ton finished.

I’ve partnered with my friend Ali to bring Fighter Bodies to life and help 1 Million People Keep Fighting!

  • Slow is smooth and smooth is fast
  • Say no more, without explanation
  • Get uncomfortable, stretch yourself
  • A year of connection (meet new people)
  • Build leverageable systems & teams
  • Save a lot of money / make a lot of money
  • Stress-free Travel

I want to know what you’re working on right now.