Instead of a boring about page, I share with you what I am currently working on and excited about. I try to update this monthly. Feel free to emulate Derek Silvers.

I'm currently focusing on...

Saying no to most things. I’ve recently cut my to-do list, projects, and stress in half by releasing a few things that weren’t bringing in the money or fulfillment I wanted.

This made space for me to focus on two main projects/partners:

  1. Level Engineering & Architecture
  2. Fighter Bodies

I love helping ~1 client per month build their brand ecosystem. I’ve simplified my offerings and my website to focus only on Brand identity, strategy, and web design, which feels great and allows projects to flow more smoothly.

🎙️ Having fun recording new episodes for our podcast – The Subtle Art of Not Yelling:

A weekly podcast for creatives about the creative process. Learn how to finish what you start, ship your work, and build a business without yelling.

📦 Running and growing The Box. A container for your creative & entrepreneurial energy. We meet twice a week and get a sh*t ton finished. We currently have ~10 active boxers.

  • Slow down (Tortoise mentality)
  • Say no more, without explanation
  • Get uncomfortable, stretch yourself
  • A year of connection (meet new people)
  • Build systems (in life and business)
  • Have fun

I want to know what you’re working on right now.