You’re Not Ready to Share

When answering a question, do you ever feel like you need 20+ minutes of their undivided attention to fully answer the question? Then, once you get it all out of your brain, you feel like you shouldn’t of said any of that.

This is a sign that you’re not ready to share. The info is sitting on top of your brain, scattered, unorganized, and clunky. If you can’t grasp it in its simplest form, others won’t be able to either. This is especially relevant when it comes to websites and social media posts.

There are a few variables in solving this problem: from time, integration, putting it to practice, poking holes, marination and not getting too attached.​​

Overall…the best way to fix this problem?


Journal about it.

Write about it in your newsletter or blog.

Distill it down into a tweet.

Write it in an email to a friend.

This forces you to slow down and get organized.

To understand each component.

When building a home, every piece of the home is taken into the equation. From the engineer, to the architect and construction, each layer is fully understood — otherwise you risk structural failure, missed budgets, or design mistakes.

Never publish the first version. Instead, read through each line multiple times to see if you can simplify or remove.

Cut it down until it’s in it’s most simple form.

That’s how you’ll communicate and make stuff happen.

Then, you’re ready to share it.

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