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Tiny training

Mud Water’s video Ad breakdown & why it hooked me (I ordered some)

  1. Curiosity (mud water…what?)
  2. Problem (too much coffee, jitters)
  3. Story (Travel to India, left work, exploring, learning new things)
  4. Big shift (bad habits, coffee addiction –> mud water)
  5. Innovate (creating his own concoction)
  6. Trust (he did it for himself first, loved it, saw results)
  7. Social proof (other people asking him about it + using it themselves and seeing results
  8. Genuine invitation (we’d love for you to try it)

I’m in. I ordered some.

Have you had it yet?

You can try it here. (affiliate link)

Also, check out my own video sales letter for the BrainThrive Workshop here.

VSL (Video sales letter) framework for the Workshop

  1. Intrigue/hook/humor (getting your attention)
  2. Problem
  3. Outcome
  4. Why you should care (unknown stats that apply to you)
  5. My story
  6. Big shift
  7. Solution/solving my own problem
  8. My mission
  9. The offer/Features
  10. Invitation