Marketing is cringe!!

What happened?

To marketing.

To the coaching industry.

Why is it such a turn-off?

When I got into marketing, it was cool.

I was happy and proud to say “I’m a marketer.”

Now, I’m not really.

What I do is often followed immediately by some sort of explanatory paragraph about how I do it differently.

“But it’s not manipulative or invasive!”

I love what I do and I’m extremely proud of my work, but the term marketing has lost my respect.

What’s going on?

Just like any market that becomes saturated, you’re going to have people who paint it in a bad light.

The word marketing is now cliche.

People use it loosley.

Same with “coachig.”

Marketers are often thought of as people who do the following…

  • Create content to get attention
  • Run highly targeted paid ad campaigns
  • Send out a plethora of annoying emails
  • Try to trick you into spending money
  • Put on a mask and pretend to give a shit
  • Collect your data and use it against you
  • Use clickfunnels for upsells and downsells
  • Run “live” webinars that aren’t actually live.
  • Put “RE:” in their subject line.
  • Write 50,000 word sales pages
  • End their prices with “97.”
  • Over price their offers and underdeliver
  • Leave you wanting more

This is the dark side of marketing.

Bro marketing.

It sucks!

It’s what I first learned when I got into marketing.

But it’s dying.

The reason marketing is cringe is because it’ not human.

We see through the bullsh*t.

We know too much as consumers.

We’ve seen behind the curtain.

You can’t trust anyone!

So what does the future look like for marketing?

The future of marketing is human.

It’s relationship building.

Yes, it’s still content and attention and even paid advertising, but the way it’s done will change.

Your messaging, energy, and intention will be the most important part of your marketing.

Things I see doing well in the next few years

  • Podcasts (real human to human conversations)
  • Videos (seeing and hearing you will give me a better idea of who you really are and if I can trust you – you can show more of your personality / not just on social, but also on your site)
  • Stories (showing vs. telling – be vulnerable and share your real experience)
  • Sharing raw, uncut, unfiltered parts of your world (instead of a highlight real / look at how cool and successful I am)
  • Email marketing (but doing it differently / get creative / fu*k templates)
  • Communities (facebook groups done right still work for me / circle / mighty networks)
  • Doing the unscalable (sending a 1m personal video to a new subsciber or a subscriber who is highly engaged)

I would absolutely love to hear your thoughts. DM on IG (voice message me) with your main takeaway and what you’re currently excited about.