An epiphany.

An ah-ha moment.

A light-bulb goes off in your head body.

You’ve just connected two seemingly random ideas into one.

One idea that needs to be shared.


Share it.

But wait!

Before you share it. Ask yourself 3 questions.

  1. Do they need to hear this?
  2. Do they need to hear this from me?
  3. Do they need to hear this right now?

Yes to all 3?

Okay, now ask yourself one more question.

Did I give this the time it needs?

To marinate and integrate.

To organize and synthesize.

To put it into words that penetrate crowded brains.

Sentences that will grab onto neurons like a terrified kid who can’t swim grabbing onto a rock in a raging river.

Let me lead by example.

I’m going to stop writing this post and read through every word.

Be right back…..





Okay I’m back.

Feeling good about it.

I removed 12 words, 5 of which felt like cutting off a finger.

But you’ll never know those words.

You’ll only know the words that I feel are needed to leave you with this idea.

I’ll leave you with this.

  • We don’t need more information
  • We don’t need more blog posts for blog post sake
  • We don’t need more meaningless marketing
  • We don’t need more shit thrown against the wall
  • We don’t need your opinions
  • We don’t need rushed work

  • We need truths
  • We need stories
  • We need well-synthesized ah-ha moments
  • We need better ideas in fewer words
  • We need marination
  • We need to cut the fat
  • We need art

Give your words and work enough time.

The world needs it.