It really is that simple

You know what it feels like to be in momentum.

You’re happy, things are flowing, clients, money, and opportunities are coming your way without you even doing anything.

It’s fun and easy.

Then, it goes away.

You lose a client, you run low on money, you make a bad call, you get lazy and screw something up…

All the momentum fades and you feel stuck.

Then comes the voice.

This voice either says:

You’re not built for this, this was bound to happen at some point, you’re broke, you’re stupid etc. etc.

Or, it says the same thing it was saying when you were crushing it.

Which one do you think leads to a better outcome?

So the question is, do you want to live in a never ending feast or famine rollercoaster of negative and positive thoughts – constantly going back and forth between “I have enough” and “I have nothing”?

Or, in an abundant, open, unattached, sustainable state of “I have enough and more is coming, even if I don’t know when or how?”

There are opportunities out there that just haven’t entered your field yet. You have to trust that they are there and live from that state.

Decide. Be. Do. Trust. Repeat.

If you live in a state of lack, you shut yourself off to the universe.

To open yourself back up…

  • Practice true gratitude and enoughness
  • Practice journaling and visualizing what you want (specifically) and how it feels to have it
  • When you’re down and out, live your life as if you were on top of the world
  • Your brain believes everything you tell it, even the craziest sh*t
  • Build this muscle over time

In the past 2 months I’ve had a few opportunities seemingly fall into my lap that I couldn’t have even dreamed up or planned out. I set up the foundation for them to appear without even knowing, and trusted the process.

I wasn’t perfect. I had my off days (I’m extremely human after all), but I think I proved to myself and the universe that I live in an unfathomably abundant world where I get to decide.

It really is that simple.

– Miles

P.S. The true test is believing in yourself and the universe when you’re down.

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