How to wash a paper towel?

Seems like an odd question.

Can a paper towel be washed?

Then again, how can caffeine be removed from a coffee bean?

Why doesn’t toilet paper tear at the perforation?

Or, why do your shoelaces tie themselves in a knot just when we are in a hurry to get out the door?

*** Stop ***

Tell me, are you intrigued?

Did that intro have you leaning in?

Were you curious about what was coming next?

Yeah, me too.

That was written by Caz Russell.

A man I recently connected with who is looking for some help with his marketing.

He’s a writer, speaker, trainer, and coach.

He goes on to say:

I was originally going to title this article “Intentional Ownership”, but it doesn’t nearly catch the attention of the reader like the one I chose.

Great writing draws the reader in so they are involved.

Then, and only then, can it deliver the idea.

If you jump right into the main point too soon (or worse, bore the reader), it’s less likely to stick.

Win their attention and your idea will stick.

The best way I’ve seen to win attention is through intrigue and curiosity.

The brain sees something it’s never seen.

Dormant areas of the brain light up.

You must know where this is going and what it means.

So you keep reading.

Thanks for the lesson Caz.

Check out his new book:

Nuggets: What Training My Dogs Has taught Me About Life and Leadership