The Daily Download will change your life

I’m gonna let you in on a little secret.


Thinking time.

That’s it.

Time to sit down, get still, ask important questions, and ponder.

Thinking is a criminally underused gift that evolution has provided us with today.

If you have problems, challenges, goals, or big dreams, you need to think.

Taking even 2 minutes to sit with an idea or problem almost always gives you amazingly clear answers.

But here’s the thing, it ain’t always easy.

It takes patience.

Can you be patient?

Here’s your homework

Create a doc.

Title it “Daily Download.” Or whatever tickles you.

Add it to your daily routine.

I like to do mine in the mornings before I start work.

It clears my head and provides me with a prioritized plan for the day.

This isn’t a personal journal, I have one of those too.

This is for your business.

Add the date, then write out whatever you need to.

I usually start with the things that are weighing me down.

Any stressors or frustrations are taken out of my mind and put onto the doc.

Then, I can analyze and think about the situation from new perspectives.

I’ve found that this process allows me the time to think outside the box and see things from both the macro and micro.

  • What would a successful xyz do in this situation.
  • What would “insert mentor or idol” do.
  • What are the most efficient actions I can take today?
  • What are the biggest distractions.
  • What do I want to do vs. need to do.

And so on.

Make it yours.

Stay consistent.

This will change your life.