Create connection, not content.

If you’re a consumer of any kind of content, it almost all has a monetary reason for existing.

The content you consume likely makes that creator money.

This is fine because there’s likely value in it, but you have to be careful.

It’s not all good advice. It’s not all tailored to you, your energy, or the stage you’re currently in.

Action helps us find our process and posture (our framework and our brand).

The way I see this taking shape in my life is…

Maybe I’m feeling overwhelmed with my business and feel like I need a better process. So I do some research and find someone who’s doing something similar. They have a course on how they set up their process, so I buy it.

I then spend the next 2 weeks going through it, taking notes, downloading templates, and creating a new system.

Sure, you may find a few nuggets. But what if instead I put my head down and did the reps to find my own way?

Don’t you think that’s a great path to creating something no one else can f*ck with, because it’s YOU?

Yes, emulate what works and get inspiration, but once you have the bare minimum, get your hands dirty. Make it through to the finish line even if you have to crawl. YOUR process will immediately surface.

“Welp, I’m never doing that again, but I will do that because the client loved it!”

Bare minimum > action > observe > iterate > repeat.

Do that for 6 months and I bet you’ll have something no one can f*ck with, not even AI.

“If you know how to imbue your work with something personal, then AI is your intern.

If you create things that are formulaic, that just about anybody in your space could have made, then AI is your replacement.” – Jay Acunzo

The takeaway here is…your value is what YOU bring to the table. Your voice and lived experiences.