Content Cleanse (try it)

I took a week off from listening to podcasts. It was great. I felt clear and focused.

Why? It’s simple: fewer inputs, more outputs.

More action = more clarity.

Caveat – when you listen to the pods I listen to (marketing, branding, business, money) you have a flood of ideas being forced into your brain.

Success stories, philosophies, frameworks, strategies….it’s a lot.

So, if this resonates at all, I recommend taking the next week off from podcasts (and all content).

And yes, Bill and I have a pod, so this may not help our downloads, but here’s the thing I’ve noticed.

Podcasts and books that tell stories and talk about the experience (emotions, highs, lows, challenges) make me feel sane.

They remind me that the overnight success story is not real. Because this stuff is hard, and that’s a good thing.

They motivate me to go do.

And when I do, everything falls into place.

If you want a space to DO, try The Box.