Change, it’s what the world does

This will change your relationship with change.

Weird I know.

Stress, worry, anxiety and uncertainty have their place, but why do most of us allow them to drive our lives?

How can we change this to live a happy and healthy life?

Our brain has evolved to seek out certainty in a mostly uncertain world.

People are falling in love.

People are dying

Babies are being born.

The stock market is going up and down.

The weather is changing.

Your body is changing.

Your friends are changing.

Your brain is changing.

Your environment is changing.

Right now.

In my opinion, fear, stress, anxiety, and worry are foreign to us.

They do have their place, but no good comes out of letting them control us.

When we realize that, life is just more enjoyable.

Why our brain hates change

The world changes, always.

But our brain hates change. How do we navigate this symbiotic relationship to enjoy life and stay healthy?

Melissa Hughes sums it up beautifully in this 3-minute video. Take a watch.

She says that our brain has evolved to seek out certainty, but our world is mostly uncertain.

Like many things in life, don’t fight it.

Surrender to nature, roll with the punches, face the inevitable, and show up.

You got this.