The KAJ Masterclass LIVE Podcast: Finding your true brand identity

Finding your true brand identity with Miles Hanson. Brand Architect, pod host, and owner of BrandThrive, where brands go to find their identity. Miles is on a mission to help 500 wandering brands find their way using the BrandBox Framework – story, strategy, and design. Check out Ajay’s show.

Digital Podcaster Podcast: The Subtle Art of Branding with Miles Hanson

The Subtle Art of Branding with Miles Hanson on Digital Podcaster

In this episode, Dylan Schmidt is speaking with Miles Hanson about the importance of having a unique message in order to build a sustainable business. Miles also dives into the roles and significance of internal and external branding in connecting with audiences. Here are some key takeaways from this episode:

Unseen Work Podcast: Eradicating Toxic Funnelinity

As the owner of HeartFunnels, Miles focuses on helping coaches build beautiful client acquisition systems, so they can focus on their business. BUT He didn’t get there overnight. From multiple iterations of his current business model to traveling the world, and battling brain fog — we’ll unpack Miles’ path to his present success. Snag your […]

The Don’t Quit Podcast: Building Focus with HeartFunnels Founder, Miles Hanson

The Don’t Quit Podcast takes a look at how professionals work and how you can learn from them. This episode features Miles Hanson, founder of HeartFunnels. Support The Don’t Quit Podcast by visiting making dreamers into achieves through motivational art prints. Use promo code: podcast at the checkout to get 10% off your next […]