Can I use SEO to 3x my organic search traffic?

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SEO = Search Engine Optimization.

Google (and other serach engines) use complex algorithms to decide what content to show you based on your search.

When you get the results you were looking for, you will be happy and continue to use google = more money for the googs.

Makes sense.

Okay so the question is, can I (and you) use super simple SEO strategies to 3x my website traffic?

We’re going to find out.

SEO is a long-term strategy.

Most people say it typically takes 6-12 months to see real results from SEO strategies.

But if you start today, you could reep amazing benefits of “free traffic” down the road.

The nice thing about SEO is that it can bring you traffic for a long time without you doing anything more.

But, it’s challenging to set it up right, especcially if you’re in a competitive niche where plenty of other sites are ranking for your keywords.

A good way to think about it is like this…

Think about each website as a web. The goal of Search engine optimization is to use a handful of strategies (keywords, backlinking, optimized site structure etc) to expand your web.

The bigger and stronger your web is, the more people you’ll “catch.”

Here’s my plan

  1. Start by seeing where I currently stand (which can’t be good since I haven’t done much optimization)
  2. Do some keyword research to see what are the top few keywords I could realistically rank for in the next few months (if you’re not on the first page, it doesn’t matter…if you’re not one of the first 5 results, it also doesn’t really matter)
  3. Optimize my site so Google can say “oh, this site is easy to crawl (understand), I’ll move it up in the rankings.” I’ll hire someone to do an official SEO audit to learn the few simple things I can do to optimize it and get any insight on keywords I can. This will allow me to put together a formal SEO plan.
  4. Then, I will add the keywords to the main pages so long as it doesn’t disrupt the user experience and flow. No keyword stuffing here!
  5. Next, I’ll write 6 in-depth guides/articles around keywords/topics that align with my brand pillars (and that I actually want to write about…duh).

Alright. I’m going to get started. My goal is to have 1-3 done by May 1st. I’ll keep you posted.