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Everything you need to build a thriving brand, nothing more.

Internal branding: Stories and the words your brand uses are powerful. We can’t design your brand without knowing who it is and how it got here.
North star: Where are we headed and how will we get there? Where do you fit in with your competition/marketplace. Why do they choose you.
External branding: Brand assets, rules, and guidelines will give your brand the unique and timeless look and feel it deserves.

What's a BrandBox?

A go-to, easy to use, “kit” that has everything you need for your brand. Rules, guidelines, and assets, that stand out, call in your people, and share your message.

But before you can do that…you need the “sun” to your brand solar system.

Imagine not knowing who you were. Imagine walking out into the world and introducing yourself as someone else every week.

Different clothes, new job, new friends, different voice, new words.

No one would trust you and you’d be exhausted.

That’s what wandering brands do.

You likely need more structure around your brand. Rules and guidelines to keep you in the right lane.

Consistency is key.

When done correctly, a brandkit carries your message out to the world, without using words.

It’s a feeling that only your brand can create.

A brand is like a person.

It’s got a unique personality and energy.

It stands out and sticks with people who interact with it.

The Science

I love words, but a picture is worth a thousand words. Paired together, your words have wings. That’s how you spread a message to the world. Not alone, but by giving people the tools to do it for you.

But this won’t happen if your brand is wandering.

Leverage the power of branding and the power of the eye. Your brand design communicates your (hopefully simple) message without using words.

A BrandKit streamlines your marketing.

One of the biggest trust builders is consistency. Does this person show up consistently with the same overall values and vision?

Can I trust them to continue showing up how I need them to?

Consistency in your visuals builds trust.

It’s an organized collection of your fonts, colors, style, energy, shapes, assets, and voice so you can show up for your people and delivers your message.

  • Simplify your content workflow
  • Create brand stickiness
  • Create structure + consistency
  • Communicate your vision
  • Stand out and show off your YOUniqueness

It gives people something to recognize and hold onto so that you can stick in their mind as the go-to person for [enter your thing].

It’s used when creating social content, web pages, and other assets like workbooks and pdf’s.

A BrandKit makes everything else easier!

It's one of the best ways to:

  • Immediately call out your people
  • Announce to the world “I am 100% in and believe in my vision!”
  • Stand out and differentiate yourself
  • Be consistent with your content (no one likes an all over the place brand #overwhelming)

The BrandBox Framework

It’s super simple. Here’s how it works.


Stories are powerful. The words your brand uses. We can’t design your brand without knowing who it is and how it got here.


A thriving brand has a plan. It knows where it’s headed and how it will get there.


Brand assets, rules, and guidelines so your brand looks and feels how it should, for a long time.

Branded Content

Miles was a DELIGHT from start to finish, plus he’s a genius at his craft so I 100% would recommend him to a friend or hire him again to do my branding.

I feel so much more confident and legit in my business because I have branding that reflects my vision. As a spiritual guide & business mentor I needed a vibe for my brand that showcased the complexities of my offerings, but in a simple way.

It’s so easy for me to go in and create something beautiful and aligned for my new offers and I’ve already gotten more traction and engagement in my business since using the designs Miles created for me. 10/10, highly recommend. Thank you Miles!!!!

Dana Hayes, Spiritual guide & business mentor

Miles is an amazing person to collaborate with to enhance your brand’s message. The exchange in cost for this brand kit was the best marketing dollars we’ve ever spent.

Whilst working with Miles we @TeamSatoCO were able to join together to uncover our company’s look and feel through his wide knowledge of branding.

In addition, we integrated thoughtful iconography and give our company a refreshed foundation to build from.

I would highly recommend Miles’s heart-centered approach to business and innovative approach to marketing.

– Steve Sato, @TeamSatoCO

I had a logo that I would slap up on a webpage. Now I have an actual brand kit. No more endless searching for the right hex color to match my logo!

Miles created design elements that match my style, and make me look much cooler than I actually am.

– Bill Small, @artistmind

This brand kit has given me structure, consistency & has brought my brand to life.

As a previous employee for two very large production companies, I can say that Miles’ work flow is incomparable to that of agencies. He’s an incredible listener, authentic, communicative & creative.

Once your templates are created based on your niche, they’re easy to implement across all of your platforms. Choosing Miles was a no brainer when it comes to branding & marketing

– Natasha Bailleres, @weLULL

This is my main offering and is worth far more than the current price. I will be raising it at some point in 2022. The ROI of a brandkit.

What’s Included

  • Brand Story (words you can use for years)
  • Brand Strategy (a plan)
  • Brand Design (brandkit: fonts, colors, shapes, icons, assets, logo ideas, website concepts and more, all built in Canva)
  • Branded assets: Easy to edit social media templates, covers, banners etc.
  • Everything built in Canva so you can actually use it!
  • Video instructions on how to use.
  • 30 days of email support post project.

If you have any questions, DM me on Instagram or shoot me an email: miles (at)