Brand Bumpers

Remember back when you were 5 years old?

A blank slate.

An unjaded human with unlimited potential.

How about 10 years old?

How about 15?

Did you know “who you were” yet?

Did you have an identity?

I’d bet that you didn’t really figure that out until your twenties, thirties, or hell, you’re still trying to figure it out (me too).

It’s a long and messy journey to figuring out who you really are and then truly living that.

Same with your brand.

A brand is just like a human, searching for its identity.

I’ve been asked “what’s the difference between an evolving brand and a wandering brand?”

Well, unlike a human, we get to create our brand with some strategy, instead of meandering around for years trying to find it.

Although many of us do that too.

The shortest answer to this question is this:

An evolving brand is like a strategic home renovation, while a wandering brand is like moving to a new house altogether.

A renovation may include a new paint job, a deck, and some new kitchen cabinets, but it’s still the same familiar home.

It likely happens slowly and methodically over a longer period of time.

Whereas a move is a drastic uprooting that can require months or years of reacclimation.

New town, new neighbors, new vibe.

Many brands don’t even have a “home.”

They are just floating around with no real identity or direction.

Enter the ‘Brand Bumpers’ Framework.

Having a wandering brand is like bowling in the dark, without bumpers.​​

A brand without a clear identity, message, and purpose is inconsistent, confusing, overwhelming, and kills trust.

Not to mention the toll it takes on your mental!

What most wandering brands need is a simple and repeatable process and system that earns and nurtures the attention of your ideal client over time.

Guidelines and assets you can rely on to stay consistent when you put stuff out into the world.

Rules and constraints that keep you from wandering.

Less, not more.

It’s like bowling…with bumpers.

A thriving brand understands and embodies its identity and purpose. It has a story, strategy, and design that aligns. It’s familiar, consistent, and unique.

If you want a simple process you can follow to create your own Brand Bumpers…

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Keep bowlin’!