Believe it or not, you’re on the right path…

Play your game, not theirs.

I don’t know if you’re like me, but given that you’re a human, we likely have some similar patterns.

Given that you subscribe to this letter means we probably have more in common than we think.

So…do you ever get that voice in your head telling you…

  • You’re on the wrong path
  • You need a new path
  • You need to start over
  • You’ve wasted so much time
  • It’s too late
  • You’ve gotten distracted, again!
  • You’re dumb
  • Everyone else around you is crushing it…

I hear this voice every day.

If you think about where it’s coming from, it exists due to evolution, every single human has it.

Most of our biology evolved so we could survive in the world thousands of years ago.

But today, the world couldn’t look more different…

  • Unlimited access to information
  • Infinite career choices and ways to make money
  • Infinite things to get better at
  • Infinite books to read
  • Unlimited places to live and people to meet
  • Awesome tools to bring creative ideas to life
  • So many different types of success stories
  • Social media
  • And so on and so on and so on..

This creates incredible highs (build a business, landing a big client, creating freedom, traveling, making more money etc) that humans couldn’t conceive of hundreds of years ago…

…as well as some pretty low lows (depression, loneliness, debt, failure, shame, comparison etc)

But here’s what I’ve realized…


The bar is FAR above what our biology is used to.

So the alarms are constantly going off!

Alert, Alert, Danger, Danger, Your peers are making more money than you, get to safety.

These thoughts attempt to keep you safe, but you and I both know what’s really happening.

So, we need to allocate more energy towards training our system to trust the process and move forward even when things are foggy.

Here’s a ratio you may want to apply to help reduce the voice and play YOUR game, not someone else’s:

  • 70% creation
  • 10% white space
  • 10% consumption
  • 10% integration

If you know, you know…

We weren’t born to consume, but consumption is an important part of creation (and life). But it’s easy to get carried away.

It’s also easy to consume without integrating (what’s the point?)

And it’s even harder to sit there with nothing but white space #showerthoughts​​​​​​

​​I struggle most with white space, but it’s probably the most important. Making the shift towards this ratio will start to increase your trust, confidence, and skills.

You’ll take more action, in the right direction, and stop meandering so much.

You’ll save tremendous amounts of energy too!

If you want to join a small community of doers who show up weekly to get focused work done, check out theboxcommunity.com

Have a great day.