Stop Doing This

Good actors make you forget they’re acting. Good comedians make you forget they are telling premeditated jokes. Good brands don’t feel like brands. “Like, subscribe, share!” “Our Brand Mission is to help millions of people live at their highest potential.” Ugh… I think this type of branding is a thing of the past. It’s boring […]

Create connection, not content.

If you’re a consumer of any kind of content, it almost all has a monetary reason for existing. The content you consume likely makes that creator money. This is fine because there’s likely value in it, but you have to be careful. It’s not all good advice. It’s not all tailored to you, your energy, […]

Content Cleanse (try it)

I took a week off from listening to podcasts. It was great. I felt clear and focused. Why? It’s simple: fewer inputs, more outputs. More action = more clarity. Caveat – when you listen to the pods I listen to (marketing, branding, business, money) you have a flood of ideas being forced into your brain. […]

The Solution to Your Overwhelm and Unfinished Projects.

Your thoughts can be like weeds, quickly spreading and wreaking havoc on your day. To pull up those weeds and avoid infestation, do. Don’t think. Don’t plan. Don’t speak. Just do. The world is overwhelming. We’re constantly being pulled in a million directions, and it’s only going to get worse. So much of what we’re […]

Using AI to Grow, streamline, and automate your Brand

Okay, now take a deep breath, because I’m being dramatic. But, this is exactly how I felt once I started to play around with it. I was brought back down to earth by realizing that it’s just a tool. And someone needs to know how to use the tool. And the people that do may […]

The KAJ Masterclass LIVE Podcast: Finding your true brand identity

Finding your true brand identity with Miles Hanson. Brand Architect, pod host, and owner of BrandThrive, where brands go to find their identity. Miles is on a mission to help 500 wandering brands find their way using the BrandBox Framework – story, strategy, and design. Check out Ajay’s show.

<strong>The Science of Branding</strong>

Branding is a critical aspect of business. It’s also misunderstood and convoluted. Thankfully, it’s been the subject of much research in recent years. The science of branding seeks to understand the psychological and emotional factors that influence consumer behavior and brand loyalty. This article aims to help you understand the entire branding process and create […]

AI Won’t Take Your Job, but…

“AI won’t replace your job, but the person using AI will.” I think this sums it up pretty well. Here is what I’m noticing as the common phases you and I have to go through in relation to Artificial intelligence. Which phase are you in? Check out the Weekly Prompt Membership. Okay. So where are […]

Digital Podcaster Podcast: The Subtle Art of Branding with Miles Hanson

The Subtle Art of Branding with Miles Hanson on Digital Podcaster

In this episode, Dylan Schmidt is speaking with Miles Hanson about the importance of having a unique message in order to build a sustainable business. Miles also dives into the roles and significance of internal and external branding in connecting with audiences. Here are some key takeaways from this episode: