Hi, I’m Miles

Hi, I’m Miles. I’ve been building and marketing brands for over 8 years. I have extensive experience in all areas of branding.

From copywriting and messaging, to graphic design and web development. I’ve headed marketing & branding departments as well as built my own brands like BrandThrive, The Box, and our podcast (not to mention at least 7 failed attempts).

That’s why I call myself a brand Architect. I will be able to see your brand from both the macro and the micro.

  • Are you headed in the wrong direction (strategy)
  • Are there pot holes you can’t see (strategy)
  • Is your copy boring and bland (story)
  • Is your design overwhelming or clunky (design)
  • Is your story resonating (story)
  • Is your marketing unsustainable (strategy)
  • Are you converting, why not, how can we improve (strategy)
  • Does your brand look immature (or too professional)(design)
  • And so on…

I’ve helped over 75 clients and customers clarify, organize, and grow their brands